Prospect Spotlight: Luke Seals (2020)


Posted On: 10/4/17 10:20 AM

Luke Seals is a Forward from Ponca City. Seals plays up for the 16u Wolfpack in grassroots ball.

Seals has a solid mid-range game with the ability to hit the 15-foot jump shot. He is also a solid defender with good length. The length and height allow Seals to be a legit stretch four in the Post.

Before the start of his high school season, Seals would like to improve on his overall shot and his ability handle the ball. He would like to combine these to become a better scoring threat on the offensive side of the ball. The improvement would help him to be able to be versatile and allow him to play the three at times.

Seals is a brave athlete in the state of Oklahoma because his favorite NBA player is Kevin Durant. Many people in the state of Oklahoma dislike Durant for the way he left the Thunder. On the other hand, Seals like Durant because of his height and how lanky he is with his elite ability to score the basketball.

Seals is one of those players that is always in the gym. That has helped him with his development.

“I want to keep working when I am not on the court,” said Seals. “I am always playing basketball and practicing.”

Seals does not know what he would like to do for a career yet, but he does know he would like to go to college to play basketball. He currently has a 3.6 GPA and has not yet taken the ACT.

While looking at colleges, Seals is looking for a school with a good basketball program. He would like to stay close to the state of Oklahoma and wants the school he attends to be one with an education that would match what he would like to study.

During the upcoming season, Seals would like to become a better shooter while contributing to the Wildcats as he hopes to win a Regional Title with his high school. The Wildcats and Seals will look to improve upon a disappointing year in 2016-17.