Prospect Spotlight: C.J. Gunns (2018)


Posted On: 10/7/17 1:14 PM

C.J. Gunns is a 5’11 Point Guard from Paden High School. Gunns plays grassroots ball for the Oklahoma Prospects. He is in the 2018 class.

Gunns is a good ball handler. He does a great job taking care of the rock for his team and does not turn the ball over very often.

Before the upcoming high school season for the Pirates, Gunns would like to become a better shooter to expand his game. He is extremley quick with the ball, which allows him to have great success attacking the rim.

Many people say you have to pick between Michael Jordan and Lebron James on who is the best, but Gunns says otherwise. Gunns’ favorite NBA players are MJ, Lebron and Kyrie because of their ability to handle the ball and be able to take over a game with their scoring.

Outside of basketball, Gunns’ favorite activity is running track. Gunns has scholarship offers for track, but would like to see what he can get for basketball.

Gunns’ overall goal is like many players is to make it to the NBA. Although he does have a back up plan as well. While in college, he would like to focus on a major that would allow him to become a physical therapist or a personal trainer.

“I want to go to college and play basketball,” said Gunns. “If I do not make it to the NBA I want to be a personal trainer or physical therapist.”

Currently Gunns has a 3.1 GPA and an ACT score of 19. While looking at colleges Gunns is looking for a college with a good basketball program that is complimented with good academic programs as well.

In the upcoming season for the Pirates, Gunns would like to become a better overall player by getting stronger. Gunns lead the Pirates last year to a 22-6 record in Class A. He will look to the successes the team had last season to lead his team to an even better year.