Prospect Spotlight: Peyton Golightly (2019)


Posted On: 10/10/17 5:26 PM

Peyton Golightly is a 6’4 Wing that recently transferred to Jenks High School. Golightly played his grassroots ball for Ball 4 Life this past summer.

Golightly is great at getting to the rim. He has a strong shot from the perimeter as well as good defense on the perimeter. He is a solid rebounder with decent size.

Before the upcoming season, Golightly would like to improve upon his overall defense. Golightly is not a bad defender, but he would like to become an elite lockdown defender for the Trojans this year.

Golighly’s favorite NBA player is possibly the most hated man in the Oklahoma basketball scene, Kevin Durant. He likes Durant because he is fun to watch and entertaining.

While not playing basketball, Golightly does not take much time off. When he is off the court, he likes to work out to make his game better. He also likes to play NBA 2K17 in his spare time.

“I like to work out a lot,” said Golightly. “I am trying to improve my game all the time.”

Currently, Golightly has a 3.7 GPA and will be taking the ACT in December. He would like to become an architect if his dream of playing in the NBA does not work out.

While in the search for a college, Golightly is looking for a good relationship with a coach. He would like a coach that pushes him to his limit and hopefully can get him to the NBA.

Golightly’s goals for the season are, like many high school student athletes, to win a Class 6A state championship. He would like to do this by being a great all-around player for the Trojans and making his teammates better by his style of play.


Golightly has not been cleared yet to play for Jenks, but is hopeful.