Preseason All-GCL


Posted On: 10/17/17 7:14 PM

Several young players made huge strides last season in the GCL and made it clear they are the future of the league. Because of this, expect plenty of great 1 v 1 matchups and plenty of action up until tournament time. Here is the Preseason All-GCL team for 2017-18.


1st Team

Connor Bazelak (Alter)- Bazelak will have a much bigger role this year as the Knights look to find replacements to their scoring that graduated. His nice 3 point shooting makes him dangerous.


Eli Ramsey (Carroll)- One of the best returning guys in the entire conference, Ramsey’s ability to score from virtually anywhere plus his tremendous athleticism especially on the defensive end makes him a candidate for Player of the Year.


CJ Napier (Fenwick)- Napier rebounds at a high level and will likely lead the league again in the category. He is a double-double machine that creates great scoring opportunities not just for himself but for his teammates as well.


Milton Gage (Chaminade-Julienne)- One of the few returning pieces for the Eagles, Gage is a physical guard that will create havoc on both ends of the floor. Expect a big spike in his stats this season.


David Luers (Fenwick)- Luers is one of the best shooters in the league. With his teammates Napier luring defenses inside, it will create more opportunities for Luers to increase his scoring averages.



Player of the Year– Eli Ramsey

Defensive Player of the Year- CJ Napier