Mr. Basketball Preseason Candidate: Yahel Hill

High School

Posted On: 10/19/17 2:14 PM

Cleveland Heights is returning one of the strongest senior classes in Northeast Ohio for the 2017-18 season. At the helm, you’ll find Yahel Hill running the show. Last season, Hill was the only player in the bunch to earn All State honors, as he was named Honorable Mention in Division I. The junior-laden Tigers went 13-10 overall with a postseason exit in the District Semifinal to Solon.

The Tigers and Hill will need to take yet another step for Hill to be considered for the award. As you’ll see, with our formula below, a 13-10 team won’t cut it for Ohio’s Mr. Basketball.

First of all, Ohio’s Mr. Basketball must have elite talent. Since 2001, only LeBron James (#1 NBA Draft pick) and Justin Fritts (Wheeling Jesuit) didn’t play Division I basketball.

Next, we considered projected team success. Again since 2001, 10 of the 17 Mr. Basketball winners led their high school team to the State Final Four that season.

Then, the most important piece of the formula considered is production. We’re considering the player’s projected role on their team to predict if they have the opportunity to fill up the scorer’s book. It’s especially imperative that you put up points, as the only Mr. Basketball to average under 20 points since 2001 was Jared Sullinger at 19.9 points per game in 2009. But, Sullinger made up for that tenth of a point by averaging 14.8 rebounds, being the #2 player in the country, and winning the Division I State Championship.

Let’s check out how exactly Hill stacks up in each metric.

Talent: A-

Hill, a 5’10” point guard with seven Division I offers, can shoot the lights out. Both as a spot-up shooter and off-the-dribble, Hill is a threat from beyond the arch. He also has the ability to draw two defenders with his quickness in attacking the rim.

Hill is ranked as the #25 prospect in Ohio’s senior class.

Team Success: B+

It’s somewhat difficult to put Cleveland Heights as a B+ after a 13-10 record last season. But, as mentioned, their senior class is tough. Yahel Hill should be surrounded by Tyreke Smith, Keith Jackson, Grayson Green, and Javon Roberts in the starting lineup. The amount of experience and complimentary talent should make them one of the top teams amongst Division I’s Northeast Ohio group.

Production: A

Hill could easily tally impressive assist numbers this season. He’ll likely have the ball in his hands the majority of the time for Cleveland Heights. But, as we’ve hampered on in this article, his 3-point shooting is where he has his most significant impact. Expect Hill to drop in a ton of pull-up  jumpers and be above that 20 points per game requisite.

Hill’s chances:

Hill is one of my personal favorite sleeper candidates for Ohio’s Mr. Basketball. Cleveland Heights should be sneaky good this season, with Hill being the primary reason for their success. As a point guard, he’ll have the game in hands on most nights and his scoring ability off the dribble is exceptional.