Mr. Basketball Preseason Candidate: Dylan Swingle

High School

Posted On: 10/28/17 7:00 AM

Dylan Swingle is a known stud in the Ohio high school basketball landscape. He was First Team All State in Division III last season after averaging 21.3 points on 61 percent shooting, 13.0 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks. Paint Valley went 15-9 overall, losing in the District Semifinals. He put up a 40-ball more than once as a junior. Swingle also averaged a double-double as a sophomore, with 18.8 points and 13.0 boards.

As you’ll see with our formula below, the Duquesne commit has a pretty realistic chance at the award.

First of all, Ohio’s Mr. Basketball must have elite talent. Since 2001, only LeBron James (#1 NBA Draft pick) and Justin Fritts (Wheeling Jesuit) didn’t play Division I basketball.

Next, we considered projected team success. Again since 2001, 10 of the 17 Mr. Basketball winners led their high school team to the State Final Four that season.

Then, the most important piece of the formula considered is production. We’re considering the player’s projected role on their team to predict if they have the opportunity to fill up the scorer’s book. It’s especially imperative that you put up points, as the only Mr. Basketball to average under 20 points since 2001 was Jared Sullinger at 19.9 points per game in 2009. But, Sullinger made up for that tenth of a point by averaging 14.8 rebounds, being the #2 player in the country, and winning the Division I State Championship.

So, now let’s check out how Swingle measures out in each metric.

Talent: A-

Swingle is a low-post scoring extraordinaire. When he catches in the deep post, his baby hook shot is a very likely a bucket. Swingle is also massive, which helps his positioning and rebounding. Swingle has an argument for the most dominate post player in Ohio high school ball.

Team Success: B-

The problems that Swingle causes makes Paint Valley a tough matchup. But, Chillicothe Unioto has their grips on the conference once again, making Paint Valley’s season a tough one to be award worthy.

Production: A+

Swingle has pretty much put up Mr. Basketball-like stats as a junior and sophomore. His double-double averages are impressive. We would also expect his points per game to raise another 5 points or so this season, similar to the jump between his 10th and 11th grade years. Swingle should also average around 15 rebounds per game with a couple blocks. He’s their guy, which means there should be no lacking of opportunity.

Swingle’s chances:

Swingle emphatically checks the talent and production boxes. It’s really just a matter of Paint Valley. Playing in Division III, his team will have to have a near-perfect season for Swingle to win the award.

Another unique factor with Paint Valley is their location. There has only been one Mr. Basketball winner from Southeast Ohio, and that happened all the way back in 1993 with Geno Ford at Cambridge High School. Ford averaged 35.9 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 4.5 assists that season, which speaks to how magical of a season someone in Swingle’s situation must have to be named Mr. Basketball.