Posted On: 10/23/17 3:14 PM

2018 Greenwood (Indiana) guard Eric Moenkhaus was one of 53 upperclassmen and 86 total prospects in attendance at the Prep Hoops Florida Top 250 Expo on Saturday, Sept. 30th at DME Academy in Daytona Beach.

I caught up with Moenkhaus to talk about his time at the expo.

Q: What was your experience like in Daytona at the Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo?

A: It was a competitive and a well organized expo, both of which are key to a successful one.

Q: Where did you first hear about it?

A: I heard about it from Prep Hoops web page. I have family friends that live in Daytona and they offered me a free place to stay and transportation.

Q: What was the best thing you learned?

A: I learned that the type of play and the type of players are a little bit different than in Indiana.

Q: What positive in your game grew? What negative in your game did you notice and try to fix?

A: Every time I play, I gain a little more edge and drive to play harder every game and show everything that I can do as much as possible. My dad is always giving me really constructive criticism and he noticed that my off-ball defense was a little bit lackadaisical from what it usually is. When I got back to Indiana the next week that was my main focus every time I played to hone my positioning on defense.

Q: Would you recommend the expo to your peers? How come?

A: I would recommend the expo to my peers because it’s a chance to play elite level players and there’s no better way to get better and learn what you need to get better at than to play other good players.

Q: What is your role looking like this season?

A: My role for the season is to score the ball and be a leader. With my shooting ability, I will have more freedom than some of my other teammates on the offensive side, therefore to make sure they do not think that I’m a one-sided player and playing for myself I need to be a leader. I need to give the most effort on defense and show them that I’m playing for them.

Moenkhaus is a pleasure to watch. He’s an old-school type of basketball player with his high IQ, impressive jumper and overall enthusiasm for the game. When I asked why Moenkhaus decided to come down to Florida all the way from Indian, he said he wanted to compete. This kid is going places in life wherever he winds up.

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