Dayton City League preview


Posted On: 10/24/17 9:06 PM

The Dayton City League will be younger this year and may not be as strong as years past. However, some younger players have potential to step up and make the league tougher than expected. Here is a preview of the Dayton City League.


Belmont– The Bison made plenty of strides last year and finished 10-13. Kejuan Ford was a big time floor general and will be sorely missed. This time around, a new floor leader will be needed as Ford leaves a large void. Jadon Furlow (2018) will be looked upon for leadership and will be the top guy on the roster.


Dunbar– The Wolverines got hit hard with losing Caleb McConnell and Devon Baker over the summer. Football star Joseph Scates (2018) is the top returning player and will be the guy to watch this season. Inexperience will be the biggest question.


Meadowdale– Losing Johnny Trigg will be tough, but Jabali Leonard (2018) provides a great offensive weapon that makes the Lions competitive moving forward.


Ponitz– A lot of players graduate from this Panthers team and there are a lot of question marks going into this year.


Stivers– The Tigers surprised several people last year by finishing 2nd in the City League last year. This year will be quite difficult as Stivers will be rebuilding this year. Trevon Ellis is the top returning player and has potential to play at the collegiate level.


Thurgood Marshall– Last year, the Cougars were one of the youngest teams in the city of Dayton. This year the experience will be there, but they will still be one of the youngest teams in Dayton. Mostly guards make up the roster and Eric Boykin Jr. (2019) is a big time transfer that will immediately help.



  1. Dunbar– Even though they lost McConnell and Baker, Wolverines still have enough talent to win the DCL.


  1. Thurgood Marshall– Will struggle on the glass with little height, but will be much improved from last year.


  1. Belmont– Furlow is an incredible athlete but will need more consistent scorers to compete near the top of the league.


  1. Stivers– Rebuilding will be the main focus this year as the Tigers look to keep competitive in the league.


  1. Meadowdale– Leonard will be a big time player, but Lions need another player to step up and fill the hole from Johnny Trigg.


  1. Ponitz– Too many unknowns about this team at this time.