2020 Player Rankings: Baltimore Prospects Part Three


Posted On: 10/16/17 5:08 PM

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Brandon Murray | 6’4 | Boys’ Latin/Team Melo

Previous Ranking: 28

New Ranking: 41

Murray has been flying under the radar considering he plays alongside players such as Justin Lewis, Che Evans and Tyler Brelsford for Team Melo. The 6’4 forward showed improvement on his ability to corral a rebound and push the ball down the floor himself. He isn’t a primary or secondary ball-handler, but when the situation presents itself, he has that option in his bag. Murray is physical and strong, which helps him have an impact on the boards while also scoring inside the paint.

Montez McNeil | 6’5 | Calvert Hall/Team Melo

Previous Ranking: 32

New Ranking: 44

McNeil is a dynamic forward with a full arsenal of post up moves from the block. The 6’5 physical presence will be counted on heavily by the Cardinals this season. In summer league, McNeil displayed the ability be a force on both ends at tallying rebounds. Another area where McNeil showed improvement was catching the ball at the high post and surveying the defense for the best possible move. He’s good at catching and sweeping toward the basket looking for a lay up or a foul. If the defense doesn’t step up, he can knock down the 15-foot jumpshot with efficiency.

Martaz Robinson | 6’0 | New Town

Previous Ranking: 23

New Ranking: 46

Robinson provides plenty entertainment when you watch a game of his. He’s very shifty and crafty with his moves and passes. Does a nice job of mixing it up offensively in terms of looking for his own shot and setting up teammates. Because he likes to utilize combo moves, many of his off the dribble points come off takes to the basket whether it be lay ups or floaters in the paint.

Dominic Carrington | 5’8 | Mount Carmel

Previous Ranking: Unranked

New Ranking: 49

Carrington may be undersized for a shooting guard, but his ability to knock down the long ball of the catch-and-shoot usually forces coaches hands to put him on the floor. For the Cougars, who already have great depth in the backcourt, Carrington may struggle for significant playing time but he’ll get great experience in practice everyday and continue to grow his game. If he can adopt some more point guard skills, he should see plenty of time come next season.