Way Too Early Rankings: 1A


Posted On: 09/5/17 10:47 AM

NFL Yet won the state championship in convincing fashion and returns the majority of its team. Although there are a number of teams in the 1A ranks who could potentially challenge NFL Yet, they have to be the clear cut favorite at this point. As we gear up for a fun season, here are the Way Too Early Rankings for 1A.

Way Too Early Rankings: 1A

1. NFL Yet

Shekeedren Bryant has been a dominating force in the 1A ranks for quite some time. He is a solid 3/4 combo and gets to the rim at will. He has improved his ability to shoot it from deep and is a monster on the glass. In addition to Bryant, Tyraill Carrethers made a name for himself last year due to his elusive speed and quickness. When he decides to attack the rim, there are very few guards in this state who can stay in front of him. NFL Yet returns the vast majority of their state championship team and are the clear favorites to repeat.






2. The Gregory School

Although they will lose one of their best scorers in school history, The Gregory School does bring back scoring power. The top returner to watch who will fill it up in a hurry is Addison Mort. Mort averaged almost 18 per game while having a teammate who averaged nearly 30. Mort will most likely pick up that scoring. In addition to Mort, Sebsatian Quintana will most likely have a bigger role. Quintana is a quick guard who played more of a facilitator role last year. With that said, he will be expected to take up more of a scoring role this season.

3. St. David

St. David brings back a lot of talent from a team that was ranked 5th in the state last year and made a deep run in the state tournament. One of the prospects that will make a big impact this year is James Brogan. Brogan is a capable shooter who plays with a good motor. His 5 rebounds per game enable him to get easy touches near the rim. Further, James Mayberry brings length on the block. Like Brogan, Mayberry is efficient in the paint on the glass. However, he has the advantage of being 6’7.

4. Joseph City

Matt Fields led the way for Joseph City last year. Good news – he is back. His near 20 points and 10 rebounds per game averages made him one of the most effective players in all of 1A. Although he is only 6’2, he plays with a lot of aggression and has a motor that never seems to get tired. In addition to Fields, Joseph City brings back Latrelle Kinlicheenie, who will only be a sophomore. Last year, he averaged a little over 10 points per game despite his youth. The jump from freshman to sophomore year is usually quite substantial for most players. I would expect the same for him. Do not expect much let off from Joseph City.

5. Valley Lutheran

Valley Lutheran was one of the most improved teams in the state from the previous year to last year. Although they lost a couple of key pieces from last years team, they bring back a couple of crucial players as well. One leader for this team will be 6’4 Tyler Behrend. Behrend is athletic and provides decent size for Valley Lutheran. Moreover, look for solid guard play from Romeo Valenzuela. These two players will be of the utmost importance for Valley Lutheran to continue their upswing and stay in the conversation as one of the top 5 teams in 1A.