Posted On: 09/8/17 3:00 PM

Tweeners have become valuable assets to their teams due to their flexibility. Here are some of the Top Tweeners in our 2018 prospect rankings.

The label “Tweeners” used to have a negative connotation to it.

However, with the advent of position-less basketball, tweeners have become invaluable to winning.

Just look at guys like Draymond Green, Jae Crowder, and James Johnson.

Top Tweeners:

#3 Jayscon Bereal Booker T. Washington

Bereal is the best athlete in this class not to mention his size at 6’7. He is a wing/forward who’s skill is catching up to his immense talent.

The Boise State commit has the ability to play the 3 or the 4 with success.

That versatility will be a major asset for their coaches when taking on tough Mountain West competition.

#7 David Ward Tulsa Webster

Ward is the most gifted scorer in the 2018 class. Scoring is something he can do with ease.

His 6’6 frame, allows him to get his shot off anywhere on the floor.

Ward isn’t a legit 3 because of his lack of defensive quickness but he can play the position with production.

At the 4, Ward is a matchup problem who can but up numbers in a hurry.

#12 Jacob Ogle Norman

Ogle can play from the 2-4 position due to his size and skill.

At 6’6, Ogle would often play point guard for his AAU team.

Ogle has a great feel for the game & his skill makes him a chess piece that his coach can use to give his team a chance to win which is why he is getting D1 interest.

#13 Mo Wilson NW Classen

Wilson has D2 offers because of his ability to play multiple positions.

For NWC, Wilson plays point guard and for his AAU team he plays the stretch 4 position.

That is one example why Wilson is an intriguing prospect who can play at any spot you need him too.

#25 Jalen Redmond Midwest City

Redmond is a dominant football prospect but he was originally a talented tweener on the hardwood.

The OU football commit can play on the wing or compete at the 5 spot. Wherever the 6’5 forward is on the floor he causes chaos in the painted area.

#30 Luke Major OKC Storm

Major can go underrated but he is one of the top tweeners in the class.

Major is a legit 6’6 with the ability to put the ball on the floor.

Major can also score from distance and  his play will  demand more attention from college coaches once the season starts.

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