Posted On: 09/28/17 3:34 PM

He was huge.

In 2014, Jason Jitoboh (2019 C) came to the United States from Nigeria very big.  Then he got huge.  There is no sidestepping that.  The gigantic young man didn’t look like he belonged in any high school, unless they just hired a new security guard.

But he wanted to play basketball and he came to the perfect place.

Formerly 340 pounds, Jitobah began his American journey with Hamilton Heights Christian Head Coach ZACH Ferrell.

They accepted him into their program, but did not accept his conditioning.  The big man was forced to compete in all of the same preseason runs and drills as the little 5-foot-11 guards.  Up the hill. Down the ill. Up the hill.  Down the hill.  Lunge up the hill.  Jog Down.

From preseason 2016, Jason is visible far, far back in the navy shirt.

Can your legs carry 75 extra pounds up a 200-yard, 30% gradient hill in 90-degree heat?  Ok, now try running.  Oh, everybody else will be running too, but they are not carrying anything.  Good luck.

He was already down 45+ pounds when the photo was taken.  Now, Jitoboh is 6-foot-10 about 270 pounds.

Over the summer he ran with Team NLP (TN) 17u and helped them win the AAU Division I under-17 national basketball championship.

He slid his feet to deny slashers from getting into his lane.  Jitoboh blocked everything.  When hunting rebounds on the offensive glass, Jitoboh bounded straight back up.

His athleticism just becomes so much more pronounced as the weight comes off.

College programs are taking notice.


“Jason Jitoboh will be back at Tennessee for UT versus UGA football game,” said Team NLP Head Coach SteveCook Jr.

He maintains D1 offers from Florida, Tennesee, and Auburn.  Jitoboh’s recruitment will soar in the coming days as college coaches get their first Hamilton Heights evaluation of the fall.

Watch the classic post presence Jason Jitoboh AAU highlight REEL.

Jason Jitobah continues to carve out a body and a game that induces salivation from college scouts.

They all want the imposing post defender with the feathery touch.

Now Jason’s game is huge.  There is no sidestepping past him.

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