Posted On: 09/17/17 6:00 AM

Transferring to Toledo St. John’s has meant a change in culture and exposure for 6’1” point guard Ryan Christie (2018).

“You can’t deny St. John’s success, and they kind of have that mentality there. Then the other big thing is who you’re around, people you’re around every day. Myself, then Vince [Williams] and Houston [King], that’s pretty good players you’re going to be playing with,” Christie said.

College prospects attract attention from college coaches. Now with the Titans, Christie has benefitted from that dynamic. After Christie’s first game playing for St. John’s, at a team camp at the University of Dayton during June, he received an offer from Urbana.

“As far as Urbana goes, they haven’t been as successful as they’d like to be in the past. But, Coach [Nick] Dials, who just got hired there, he’s a great guy and a great coach as well … He knows his basketball and is definitely doing the right things to try and change the program there,” Christie said.

“At the beginning of this week, Coach Dials called me and said that I was the first guy he was calling and that I was getting a full scholarship. So, any time that you can go to college for free, that always catches your eye.”

With a GPA between 3.6-3.7 and a 29 score on the ACT, Christie will be able to attend college at reduced rate, even if he finds a better fit at the D-III level.

“I’m talking to a lot of Division III schools right now. So, I’ve been on some visits here. The past three weeks have been pretty busy with going to check out some Division III schools. Just got back from Marietta [on Wednesday] and obviously their basketball success is unprecedented,” Christie said.

He continued, “I’ve been in contact with John Carroll. I’ve been talking to Coach [Damon] Goodwin at Capital a lot. And then Trine, took a visit there and they’ve got a great coaching staff over there,” Christie said.

“It’s great to consider yourself a Division II basketball player or Division I basketball player. But I want to, A, find the best fit and then, B, just be successful where I’m at. I’d rather have that then go to a place where you won’t play or have a good experience,” Christie explained.

In making a decision, Christie will consider academics, basketball culture, talent level on the team, and coaching staff.

The emerging point guard prospect didn’t play the majority of his junior season because of transferring regulations. As Chrsite explained, he’d ideally announce a college decision before the season starts, but the senior campaign is his opportunity to attract more recruitment.

“A lot of coaches heard of me but haven’t really had the opportunity to watch me play in person. I’d like to have it all done before my senior year if that was the case. But I understand that not being able to play last year wasn’t ideal,” Christie said.

Expect Christie to turn heads as a senior for St. John’s. Not only will he be playing for one of the best teams in Ohio this season, he’s also matured physically since he last stepped onto the high school hardwood.

photo: Rob Lorenzo