Jacob Leslie Top Posts

Posted On: 09/21/17 10:27 AM

The Top 250 Expo was loaded with skilled guards. However, there were a couple of posts who stood out and were worthy of earning the honor of being the top posts of the event. Most of the posts at the event were also versatile enough to play on the wing. This is becoming more and more of a common trend as college coaches want to spread the floor with a “pop 4”. Here is out list of top posts for the Top 250 Expo.

Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo: Top Posts

Kade Maddock 6’7 C 2018 AZ Compass Prep

Maddock attended our event last year and has improved greatly since that time. He has put on more muscle mass and has improved his footwork on the block. He still has moments where he is raw and it can be seen that he is relatively new to basketball. However, those moments are becoming more and more rare.

Keaton Rodgers 6’5 PF 2018 Sandra Day O’Conner

Rodgers had some solid moves on the block and holds his position well. With that said, he is better in the pick and roll game as he sets good screens and knows how to create space. Rodgers is getting healthy and if his performance at the Top 250 is any sort of projection, he is poised for a strong senior year.

Jacob Leslie 6’5 PF 2020 Mohave Accelerated Learning Center

Leslie made our list of under the radar prospects as well. His day started off with solid seals on the block and good on ball screens. Further, he made an impact immediately as he blocked a game winning attempt. This sent the game to overtime in which his squad was able to walk away with the W. Leslie has a high ceiling and could end up being a solid prospect out of Mohave, especially if he is able to continue to put on more size and strength.

Dhol Majak 6’10 C 2018 Ironwood

Majak is still not polished but the upside is there, and he plays hard. His motor and length are enough to make him an intriguing prospect at the next level. Further, he has a strong shooting ability from deep and is figuring out how to utilize his length on the defensive end more effectively. Majak’s block to a finish on the other end of the floor in transition highlights why many colleges are interested.

Timothy Yoder 6’7 SF 2018 Goldwater

Yoder is not a true post. In fact, he primarily brings shooting to the table, which he did a great job of at the Top 250 Expo. His strong shooting mixed with his length enabled him to stand out as a prospect who could make a name for himself at the next level. One thing that would help him is if he developed more post moves on the block as this would add more versatility to his game.

Ajang Aguek 6’7 SF/PF 2018 Ironwood

Aguek did a little bit of everything. He is a skilled shooter with a good handle. However, what makes him special is that he can hurt teams in an array of ways. Offensively, he finishes well around and above the rim while possessing solid footwork on the block. Defensively, he is a good on ball defender who can protect the rim in help side. He was one of the top posts and wings at the event.