Posted On: 09/20/17 7:17 PM

One of the most exciting aspects of the Top 250 Expo is getting to identify players who have managed go to under the radar. There were a number of prospects at the Top 250 Expo who had great showings but have not received the type of attention that their skill set and abilities demand. Below are the top under the radar prospects from the second annual Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo.

Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo: Under the Radar

Jacob Leslie 6’5 PF 2020 Mohave Accelerated Learning Center

Leslie had a solid performance at the Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo. Leslie, like a number of prospects who attended the event, has not received a lot of attention due in large part to where he lives. However, he played quite impressively over the weekend with a number of coaches noticing his willingness to move without the basketball and do things to make his teammates better. He has a good feel for setting on-ball screens and creating space for himself so that there is an angle for the passer to get him the basketball.

Otis Frazier 6’5 PG 2019 Buckeye

There are a lot of reasons that a prospect might go under the radar. However, it is odd that someone with the measurables that Frazier has could. At 6’5 with a solid handle and a good vertical, it is easy for him to catch the attention of most. With that said, it is safe to say that his stock rose as much as anyone after the Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo as he put on a show and played great basketball.

Keaton Rodgers 6’5 PF 2018 Sandra Day

Rodgers has been a name that has been around for a couple of years as he had a lot of early success. However, being a slightly undersized four and an injury have made him fly under the radar. He is still recovering and getting back to full strength. However, he is strong, has good footwork, and a soft touch. There are a number of schools who should be in the market for Rodgers.

Derek Williams 5’11 PG 2018 Tucson

Williams might be the best player in the entire state that only people who really know the players in the state actually know. He has great strength and speed that enable him to get to wherever he wants to get to on the floor. In addition, although a number of parents were telling the players to “make him be a shooter”, he can shoot the basketball at a high rate. In fact, shooting might be the strongest part of his game. He is an NCAA Division-I caliber player who has somehow slipped through the cracks.

Joe Heath 6’3 SG/SF 2018 Mohave

Heath has received a lot of NCAA Division II and NAIA interest. However, it has not been an easy process for this prospect despite being the region player of the year. Heath is a common face at events in an attempt to improve and gain exposure. He has done just that at the Top 250 Expo as he has demonstrated to myself and a number of coaches that he is a next level player. What I love about Heath’s game is quite simple: He makes game winning plays that transfer to any level.

Andrew Augustine 6’1 SG 2018 Northwest Christian

Andrew Augustine Under the Radar
Andrew Augustine Northwest Christian

Augustine was one of the best shooters at the event. He is starting to get talked about more and more. However, for a player who moves as well as he does without the basketball and can create shots in an array of ways, he has largely gone under the radar. He shoots it as well as anyone in the state when coming off of screens.

Josh Johnson 5’7 PG 2018 Maricopa

Unfortunately for Johnson, a number of the coaches I have talked with are concerned about his height which has enabled one of the best players in the entire state to go largely unnoticed. Johnson is a top tier on ball defender who is lightening fast and can score the basketball in a number of ways. At some point, someone will look past the height and get an absolute steal. He is a diamond in the rough who has the potential to be a big time player at the next level.

Elijah Howery 5’9 PG 2018 Kingman

Howery was one of the most impressive guards at the Top 250 Expo due to his ability to get into the paint whenever he wanted. He has great speed and good change of pace on his moves which freezes the defender and allows him to get to the next level. Moreover, he makes good reads when he gets into the paint. He does not force shots and takes whatever the defense gives him.

Emad Elniel 6’5 SG 2019 Independence

Elniel has the measurables that could enable him to play at a really high level in college. His length and overall athleticism are great components that can’t be coached. Further, he has a smooth jump shot and can shoot it from anywhere on the floor. Moreover, he gets to the rim well and has a soft touch. Elniel’s progress will be fun to monitor as he should have a bright future with this game.

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