Top 250 Expo: Stock Risers

High School

Posted On: 09/26/17 9:23 AM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo gave the several college programs that attended some names to add to their list. Guys that have improved their games and forced schools to take notice.

The Top Stock Risers and What They Did Differently

Beau Bailey of Lakeville South (6-4, 2018). That was the most aggressive I have seen Beau play in terms of looking for his own offense and using the dribble attack/dribble push. The results were solid. Percentages at times were streaky but the clear thing was that Beau looked for his offense, was able to get shots, and he produced well.

Tyler Baribeau of Mesabi East (6-5, 2019). Tyler is a guy we saw stick out this summer with his long striding runs up the floor, length, agility, and effort around the basket. This weekend his touch around the cup stood out as did the separation in the post.

Luke Barnes of Minneapolis Roosevelt (6-4, 2019). Like has a chance to have a great year for the Teddies. We’ve seen him shoot as a younger player but his basket explosion this weekend absolutely opened eyes. We think Luke could have a huge year at Roosevelt.

Carson Becicka of Mesabi East (5-11, 2019). Carson looked in his element playmaking and leading all weekend. There was a confidence to him no matter what he was doing. Drills? Confident. Game? He led by example both ways. Down time? He was the guy running over to help with the score keeping. This is a confident leader.

Khari Broadway of Park Center (6-2, 2019). For me the biggest thing to watch was Khari in the drills. How did he do in the skill work and the 1 on 1, 2 on 2, etc drills. The answer was Khari looked excellent. Loved his cuts into a catch, loved his physical attack and finish. Jumpers dropped and the halfcourt battle was strong.

Mario Dukes of Roseville (6-1, 2019). Another guy I wanted to see in a specific way and that was “how would Mario defend some of the best, and can he create offense against the best”. The answer was he did a fantastic job of staying in front of everyone and as always his teammates benefited from his ball movement. Looks taller, stronger, and more agile too.

Jackson Jangula of St. Cloud Cathedral (5-10, 2019). Jackson split his time during live action scoring on the wing and bringing the ball up because there were other good PGs. He handled both roles very well comfortably catching on the wing and draining. Really nice young PG that is hard to keep in front.

Austin Jentzen of STMA (6-7, 2019). At Prep Hoops we’ve seen Austin play a few times in St. Cloud and thought talent was there but that he looked somewhat raw. Some of that raw play is definitely turning into more consistency. Austin was able to finish in the halfcourt live play with several controlled finishes. Agile and big young man who could be very good as he continues to gain experience. Top 100 level player in his class easily, with work we could see him become top 40.

Kaden Koski of Byron (6-8, 2018). With Kaden it’s always about when will the physical abilities turn into consistent production. Last Saturday Koski defended his paint every possession. Rebounded tough, defended very well in the post, and the shot blocking and shot contesting was high level. He swatted some shots like he plans on being one of the state’s best shot blockers.

RayQuawndis Mitchell of Blaine (6-4, 2018). Mitchell’s ball handling skills and jumpshoot off the dribble have obviously been something he is working on because they are tools that we haven’t seen him put to good use like he did this weekend. Good steps taken.

Sam Nissen of Prior Lake (6-3, 2019). Sam simply looks more mature in all ways. Bigger, taller, and we liked how he put his skills to good use while using his teammates. Prior Lake has big hopes this winter with their size and talent and Sam has the ability to help them at guard.

Izaak Raspberry of East View (6-1, 2019). Izaak looked like a PG ready to run a good South Suburban team this weekend. Loved his dribble separation into a playmaking attack midlane. Very impressed with how he was able to get to the paint and get results consistently.

Jake Reeck of Winona (6-1, 2019). I may be conducting the Winona future success train right now but overall Jake showed off a shooting stroke I wasn’t aware of. Every time I was at his court I felt like the ball swing to him and he knocked down a shot.

Jacob Weber of Pine Island (6-4, 2019). Weber scored often for Minnesota Select during the 16u season but I never got to see him face-up against an agile laterally quick defender and beat them to space like I did this weekend. Weber did that and scored, and continues to show why Pine Island will continue to be a threat.

Adam Williams of Princeton (6-1, 2019). The Princeton Tiger didn’t just hit open shots, he used his size to score around the basket at times and Adam made contested jumpers. The percentages I’ve seen from Adam in the past were not as good against contesting defenders as they were this weekend. Something to build on.