Top 250 Expo: MVPs


Posted On: 09/23/17 9:01 AM

2018/2019: Jake Hilmer (North Linn)

2020/2021: Micah Johnson (Ankeny Centennial)


One guy sliced and diced and the other showcased outstanding versatility, both were utterly dominant last weekend at the Top 250 Expo in Des Moines. 

The big surprise of the day was Centennial 6’6 forward Micah Johnson, we knew a little about him coming in, but with a very talented field in the young guns session, he seemed a long-shot for MVP. When all was said and done, he was the clear choice. The buzz started early in live-game action for the versatile stretch-four, both by the writers and coaches at the event. As we headed into the final game, we gave Johnson one last shot to earn his MVP honor, and he promptly scored five points in 30 seconds, from a 3-ball and an o-board putback — that sealed the deal for the up-and-coming star.

Hilmer is a guy we’ve seen a ton over the past year, whether that be with North Linn at the state tournament, or playing with Iowa Barnstomers in the offseason — and he’s always good. The numbers he posts in 1A are ridiculous, but it’s nice to see him get outside of that small school realm and into some varied competition. The talent level at the upperclassmen session was high, and Hilmer knifed through it like butter. A 5-foot-10 point guard, Hilmer showcased elite speed, tight handles and an awareness that’s off the charts. His jumper is what really separated him from the pack, he was hitting everything, off the bounce too. It was a big-time day for the junior floor general.




2018/2019: Japannah Kellogg (Ames)

2020/2021: Nathaniel Mueller (ADM)