Posted On: 09/11/17 3:05 PM

It’s no secret by now that the sport of basketball continues to grow in popularity around the globe. As prospects from Europe, Africa and other continents seek out the best opportunities to display their skills, the biggest stage is offered in the United States. This upcoming season, Rockville High School will feature Jimmy Sorunke, a 6’10 freshman that came to the United States only six months ago.

Adjusting to the American game can be more difficult than most would assume. Depending on where the individual’s home country is, the playing style can differ drastically. Luckily for Sorunke, his overwhelming size alone will cause issues for any team on Rockville’s schedule. Often times we see players with Sorunke’s overall size struggle to consistently run the floor. That’s the last thing you need to worry about with him, though.

“Right now I’d say running the break is the strongest part of my game,” Sorunke told PrepHoops. “Rebounding and being physical too.”

Sorunke has only been playing basketball for four years. There are still many aspects of his game that need work, but considering his age and the area he will be playing in, his development should come along nicely. He continues to work on polishing his dribbling and shooting ability.

I saw Sorunke play yesterday at the DMVElite 80. Immediately, his size catches your eye. Once the ball is tipped, he goes 110 percent the entire time he’s in. He plays with a reckless abandon that puts everyone on notice. It’s almost like he doesn’t know how to give up on a play. One possession, his teammate turned the ball over at half court. Sorunke put his head down and sprinted from their own three-point line to catch the guard who stole the ball, pinning their lay up against the glass.

Sorunke has not heard from any colleges at the moment, but it shouldn’t take long before schools are lining up to recruit him.

When I asked him who he watches the most film of, Sorunke told me Ben Simmons is his favorite player. He wants to eventually become as versatile and skilled as he is with the basketball. He has the size, now it comes down to coaching and development.

Sorunke should be a name on your list of 2021 prospects.