Posted On: 08/9/17 6:43 AM

Every team that plays against Reynoldsburg next season will have to address the big man inside first and foremost: 6’6”-6’7” forward/center Tre Williams (2018) is a problem.

“My biggest strength is probably attacking the basket and getting fouled … Defensively I change a lot of shots, get a lot of rebounds. And I set good screens to get teammates open,” Williams said, when asked to describe his best attributes on the court. He went on to mention that he’s comfortable defending positions 3-5

Williams is still looking for his first scholarship offer, which could put a chip on his shoulder this winter. In turn, expect him to bruise opposing front-courts — leading to foul trouble and fatigue simultaneously.

“The goal is to make it as far as we can in the tournament,” Williams said. He also told us later that beating Pickerington North and Pickerington Central is one of his goals as a senior.

As mentioned, Williams currently doesn’t have a scholarship offer. However, there are plenty of low-major Division I programs dipping their feet into the water.

“It’s like a lot of low D-Is, mid-majors. Like, Miami Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Wright State, Robert Morris, and Tennessee Martin … all of them are kind of equal,” Williams said.

He’s yet to go on visits, but is “planning them now.” Williams hopes to visit as many of those campuses as possible.

We’ve heard prep school rumors about Williams. When asked, Williams told PHO, “Prep school is only if I don’t get the offer I want.”

Specifically, Williams is simply looking for a D-I program with the right fit.

Williams said he’s looking for a school with a business program and is also measuring a school’s style of play. He likes to get up and down the floor, so a fast-paced system is ideal.

Whether it happens after this season or after a year of prep school, it’s reasonable to believe that Williams is going to wind up at that Division I level he’s shooting for. He’s an agile interior player with tremendous size — making him an impactful presence on both sides of the floor. Williams is looking to add the outside shot, which would make him even more of a problem on the offensive end.

Currently, Williams carries a 3.4 GPA.