Posted On: 08/12/17 6:21 AM

After watching 6’6” hybrid CJ Penha (2018) finish up his grassroots career with consecutive breakout performances to end July, we’re absolutely convinced he’ll receive basketball scholarships. Penha, who can play the 2-4, checks the box for size, athleticism, and skill.

So, why no offers yet?

“Right now, I just have to get my ACT up. That’s the main focus right now. My GPA is fine. I have a 3.9 GPA. But I scored a 16 on my ACT, so I have to take that again,” Penha explained. “I’m taking it in October.”

With a 16 being his first and only score on the ACT, it’s reasonable to believe that Penha will raise the score appropriately when he takes it again in October.

Fortunately for the incoming Harvest Prep senior, he has built relationships with a couple staffs in the meantime, especially with Taylor University (IN).

“Right now, Taylor is definitely my top pick right now. It’s in Indiana, Upland. Their campus is great. I love their players. I actually went on a visit with them last week. I love the players. I love the campus. The faculties were great. I like the coaches too,” Penha said.

It also helps that Taylor is a Christian college.

“Me and my family have had talks about it because my family and parents went on the visit with me to Taylor [last week]. And they said they really love the campus and guys the most. They love the players and the coaching staff. Because of their religious beliefs too, because my parents are pastors and Taylor is Christian school,” Penha said.

Although he hasn’t received an offer from Taylor, he seems rather sure about the school. Meaning, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if Penha committed to Taylor shortly after an offer comes in.

However, Taylor isn’t the only school interested in Penha.

“I just was on a visit at Northwestern Ohio [on Wednesday], ODU, Tiffin, Urbana, Mount Vernon, mostly NAIA and D-II schools.”

Penha foresees himself as a 3/stretch-4 type whose best skill is shooting the basketball. While that’s a fair assessment, it’s hard to put boundaries on the amount of roles he can fill for a team. Next season for Harvest Prep, Penha will log minutes defending the opposing center, which speaks to length and team-first mentality.

For Penha’s senior campaign with Harvest Prep, who moved up to Division III from IV last season, the goals are high.

“Just to get a State Championship. Get my teammates around me better too, because we have a lot of new guys coming in and I’ve been at Harvest Prep forever,” Penha told us.