Prospect Rankings Update: Southwest Ohio 2018 Trends


Posted On: 08/17/17 2:00 PM

Continuing our coverage of southwest Ohio basketball today, we’re examining what makes this region of the state unique.


They seem to play with a certain toughness down in the southwest Ohio. We have some players who are considered undersized — think big-time 6’3” Division II hybrid prospect Myles Belyeu (#43) — but compensate with their competitive edge.

There are additional SWO prospects in that Belyeu mold, who are about 6’2” to 6’5” but can defend forwards: Jeremiah Davenport (#27), Darweshi Hunter (#74), Terry Durham (#88), Jonathan Mpanzu (#93), Dominic Pierce (#101), Thomas Arrington (#120), and a few more. As far as true forward prospects from southwest Ohio that showed an ability to protect the rim during the grassroots season, Jon Alessandro (#34) and Bryce Hunt (#36) come to mind.

These prospects are more than simply competitive, they’re also physically strong. At some point, the intangibles may not translate to the next level. Yet, the physical maturity could open up recruitment interest and scholarship offers for many of these prospects.

Floor Generals

When it comes to the point guard position, it’s important to control tempo while also making plays, based on time and situation. Southwest Ohio is an area to find 2018 prospects who get that job done, from a wide range of talent level.

Darius Quisenberry (#12), Deshon Parker (#21), Kameron Gibson (#25), and Giovanni Santiago (#33), all could end up at the Division I level. They’re followed by a group of potentially scholarship floor generals, like Indiana Wesleyan commit Isaiah Payton (#57), Caleb South (#91), and Tanner Knue (#141). Mason High School’s Knue could wind up as a Division III level kid, in which case he falls into a tier with Donnie Shelton (#143), Dillon McCullough (#153), Ryan Reidy (#178), and a couple others.

Again, these guys are more than reliable primary ball-handlers. They’ve shown the ability to control games and get others going.