Prospect Rankings Update: Southeast Ohio 2018 Rankings


Posted On: 08/18/17 6:00 AM

Part of what makes Ohio basketball unique are the cities/regions within the state. As a whole, Ohio basketball has a culture, but it’s one that cannot be understood without looking at the subcultures within the big picture. Some folks don’t pay attention to Ohio basketball, they’re only intrigued by Chillicothe hoops or Dayton hoops, and so forth. Yet, it’s interesting to measure how your area fits into the larger grid.

Today, we’re looking strictly at southeast Ohio hoops. Which SEO players are on the rise? What are the trends in this part of the state? We’ll get to all of that later in the day.

We’re starting the coverage of SEO by simply looking at where these prospects rank amongst each other. Of the 215 incoming seniors included in our updated 2018 Prospect Rankings — all of which we believe can play collegiate basketball — 14 are from southeast Ohio.

#14 Cameron Brooks-Harris
#16 Dylan Swingle
#40 Jake Mcloughlin
#47 Eric McLaughlin
#52 Logan Swackhammer
#58 Kollin Van Horn
#119 Brandon Kennedy
#122 Branden Maughmer
#133 Chase Yoho
#148 Keedrick Cunningham
#152 Peyton Hill
#157 Aronde Myers
#161 Shemar Morton
#170 Isaiah Howell