Prospect Rankings Update: 2019 Top Perimeter Defenders


Posted On: 08/25/17 6:00 AM

There are 121 total players included in our 2019 Prospect Rankings, all of which will be included exactly once in our week-long series, where we will segment analysis by player speciality. Throughout the entire week, you can expect articles to include a list of 10-20 players who fit a theme, with five or more individual break-downs.

Yesterday, we looked at rim protectors. Now, we’re showing love to the lockdown defenders on the perimeter who slide their feet and create turnovers in the frontcourt.

#4 Miles “Deuce” McBride

McBride is not only the highest listed player in this group, he’s the top on-ball perimeter defender in Ohio. His length allows him to contest shots and reach-in without fouling. McBride also has phenomenal help-side instincts, which led to a couple turnovers each game that we watched him this spring and summer.

The 6’1” Moeller combo guard has now raised from #14 to top-five status and received offers from Marist, Toledo, Ohio University, Northern Kentucky, Miami (OH), Kent State, Duquesne, Akron, and Wright State.

#19 Andre Harris
#40 Nathan Bruns

Part of Bruns’ impact on the defensive end is intensity. But the major key to his defensive impact is being a strong 6’5” kid who can absorb contact when defending the post and slide his feet with guards all the way up the floor.

#46 Jaleel King

Whether it was as a part of C2K Elite or Northwest Ohio Basketball Club, King was rejecting shots from the weak-side often this spring/summer. His instincts and quickness make King a must-play component of a team at the end of close games.

#58 Demarco Bradley Jr.

Bradley uses his 5’7” size to his advantage by getting all up into ball-handlers when the team is in full-court pressure. He uses his quickness to control the pace of the game.

#67 Jakiel Wells

Wells moved down a few spots in the rankings but stayed in the 50-70 range because of the issues he causes on defense. Whether or not he can be recruited as a primary ball-handler will determine if he receives a scholarship or not; but, regardless, he can defend anyone on the perimeter.

#72 Benjamin James
#89 Little Anderson
#108 Milton Gage

Gage is not only a quick on-ball defender but also a hustler. During one game in July for the Dayton Nets, Gage drew two charges in the span of five minutes. He’s extremely quick and sacrifices his body on drives to the lane and by stepping in front of ball-handlers. Gage just flat-out makes the opponent uncomfortable when he’s out there.

#109 Braden Galaska