Prospect Rankings Update: 2019 Top Hybrids


Posted On: 08/25/17 6:00 AM

There are 121 total players included in our 2019 Prospect Rankings, all of which will be included exactly once in our week-long series, where we will segment analysis by player speciality. Throughout the entire week, you can expect articles to include a list of 10-20 players who fit a theme, with five or more individual break-downs.

The hybrid role is defined here as players who have guard ball skills with the physical presence of a forward. These players can also defend nearly every position on the court at the high school level.

#17 Alec Pfriem

Archbishop Moeller fans should be excited about Pfriem transferring into their program. He proved this spring/summer that he’s going to slide in perfectly at their four-spot, similar to the role Riley Voss played last season.

We also expect his individual development and recruitment to soar after the change of scenery. As of now, Western Carolina is the only school to offer him.

#18 Taevon Pierre-Louis

Pierre-Louis has a lot of wiggle for a player of his size. Unbalanced defenders just bounce off his shoulders on layup attempts. We consider Pierre-Louis to be the top prospect in Ohio’s 2019 class who remains without an offer at this time.

#22 Terin Kinsway

Kinsway primarily affected the game as shooter at the beginning of spring. By the end of July, Kinsway seemed to become more aware of his physical impact near the rim. He was OH-NOVA (Bennett)’s best rebounder in the last weekend of July and defended the paint often.

It’s impossible to say if he’ll remain interested in college basketball, because of his stock as a football recruit. If Kinsway decides on basketball, he’s a Division I prospect.

#30 Ethan Conley

Conley plays the perimeter because of his ball skills and athleticism. Yet, he definitely has the body to defend post players. It’s hard to say whether he’s a D-I or D-II prospect at this time.

#35 Cade Stover
#52 Chris’seon Stringer
#55 Nigel Martin
#66 Lunden McDay

While we were under the impression that McDay was a guard coming into spring, he played a center role for the NEO Shooting Stars during the July Live Period. While he’s 6’2”, McDay looked very natural as a post defender. Furthermore, on offensive, he’s most effective as an interior scorer, as he doesn’t shoot many jumpers.

#97 Gerard Reynolds