Posted On: 08/23/17 6:00 AM

There are 121 total players included in our 2019 Prospect Rankings, all of which will be included exactly once in our week-long series, where we will segment analysis by player speciality. Throughout the entire week, you can expect articles to include a list of 10-20 players who fit a theme, with five or more individual break-downs.

“Creators” is vague. To clarify, we’re looking for ball-handlers that create shots for others and themselves.

#1 Jeremiah Francis

Francis committed to North Carolina on August 8, joining former teammate Sterling Manley as the second prospect in three years from Pick Central to choose the Tar Heels.

Francis’ physicality resembles a running back hitting a hole when he penetrates a gap. He combines his strength with graceful crossovers. The mature playmaker was named to the Prep Hoops 2017 Grassroots All-16U Team. 

#14 Greg Tribble Jr.

Tribble excels in pick-and-roll situations with the floor spread. If the Cincy Lakers would’ve had a deadeye shooter to go with their guard-heavy lineup, Tribble would’ve been in a perfect offense for his skills — spread the floor and attack. He puts a ton of pressure on the defense with his explosiveness, creating an unbalanced defense and therefore open looks.

After being ranked #40 after the high school season, Tribble made us look foolish by establishing himself as a D-I level point guard. He currently holds offers from Stony Brook, Toledo, Kent State, Youngstown State, and Morehead State.

#21 DJ Dial
#38 Devon Grant
#80 Ryan Hall

Hall is another player on this list who creates byway of exploding out of hesitation moves. His change of space brings him into the lane, where he can either rise for layups of kick-out to the corner — he showed the ability to do the latter time and again with the Dayton Nets in July.

#81 Dorrian Moultrie
#87 Jack Clement

Clement steered Bellefontaine’s ship from the point guard position last season as a sophomore. He’s a quick player that is more pass-first. Once he develops some scoring moves of his own, which is a slight issue because of his size, Clement could rise to scholarship-level prospect.

#94 Tyson King

King has a capable pull-up jumper but he’s looking to pass first and second. He dribbles with the ball on a string and is extremely effective when surrounded by shooters in the pick-and-roll.

#99 Trent Williams
#102 N’Keeley Elmore

At times, Elmore makes plays with his twitchy defense in full-court pressure. However, the 5’6” prospect from Columbus Northland makes this list mostly because of his penetrate and kick abilities.

#119 Jamal Whiteside