Prospect Rankings Update: 2019 Top Catch-and-Shooters


Posted On: 08/22/17 6:00 AM

There are 121 total players included in our 2019 Prospect Rankings, all of which will be included exactly once in our week-long series, where we will segment analysis by player speciality. Throughout the entire week, you can expect articles to include a list of 10-20 players who fit a theme, with five or more individual break-downs.

Both of today’s articles will feature shooters, beginning with those who specialize more when playing off a ball-handler in a catch-and-shoot role. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the players below can’t pull-up, it’s just that they usually come off-ball.

#29 Jayson Woodrich

While catch-and-shooting may not seem like a dynamic skillset, Woodrich is the prototypical exception to that belief. He creates separation by coming around off-ball screens with a number of cuts, depending on where he needs to get to. Woodrich already has collegiate shooting range.

#32 Michael Bekelja
#39 Kayin Derden

Derden stretched the floor on a team of slashers this spring/summer for Pro Bound. His combination of a spot-up shooting, one-dribble pull-ups, and disciplined defense, will translate to the next level.

#45 Garrett Denbow

Denbow is different than a lot of other shooters on this list because he also has a physical post-up game from about 10-feet. However, his primary scoring option tends to be as a catch-and-shooter. Given the Ashland wing’s 6’5” size, we expect Denbow to play at the Division II level.

#56 Ethan Heller

Heller has a very fluid jumper on catch-and-shoot opportunities. He spreads the floor from the point guard spot, once he makes an entry pass to start their set, by being ready to shoot from deep range. Heller is also an underrated athlete who will blow through on-ball defenders if they play him too tightly.

#57 Erik Painter
#64 Jalen Pope
#65 CJ Charleston

Charleston may be used more as a playmaker for Gilmour Academy as an upperclassman, but spot-up shooting is mainly what we saw from him with Ohio Basketball Club.

#74 Payton Jutte

Jutte was unranked in our last version of the 2019 Prospect Rankings. However, his upside as a versatile defender that stretches the floor could bring him a scholarship offer over the next season.

#79 Mitchell Kershner
#83 Sean Marks
#88 Aaron Good

Good is chippy when off the ball and in the paint trying to draw separation for an open look. He is a tough kid that found opportunities in the mid-range because of his style.

#93 Jake Parker
#98 Brice Hill
#100 Nick Nakasian

Nakasian wasn’t as consistent of a shooter this grassroots season as he was in the 15U year. However, it could that his body is maturing and the newfound strength will take time adjusting to. Regardless, he’s become a more physical defender, which should all come together in the long-term, as his jump shooting will likely become more consistent going forward.

#105 Bodie Eberhart
#107 Sam Clear

Clear didn’t play much this summer because of an injury, but he’s a player you can expect to excel on a loaded All Ohio Gold team next year.

#110 Nathaniel Place
#112 Dallas Patrick
#114 Jason Sneed Jr.
#115 Payton Moyer