Posted On: 08/28/17 4:03 PM

There’s a lot of high school and grassroots basketball left to be played for the kids included in our 2020 Prospect Rankings. Some players will play their way up the rankings, while others will digress and fall out. For that reason, most of these players aren’t a priority for college programs at this point in their career — it’s just too early!

As of right now, we have 105 prospects from the 2020 class who we’ve seen enough from to believe they’re future college hoopers. We look forward to explaining their spots in our rankings throughout the week with articles like this one, which is focusing on the point guards of 2020, who specialize in one facet of the game.

#66 Connor O’Toole

While O’Toole can create for others as a facilitating point guard, he’s more of a shooting specialist for now.

#69 Ethyn Kuhns

#67 Jared Baldock

Baldock is a score-first point guard who averaged double-digit scoring figures last season as Finneytown’s starting varsity point guard.

#79 Yousef Saleh

Saleh is coming off a knee injury that sidelined him the entire freshman year for Beavercreek. He’s arisen from the shadows this summer with strong performances at our Northern Ohio Elite Showcase and the GRBA National Championships. Saleh specializes in penetrating the lane.

#81 Brendan Lamb

Lamb is going to make a name for himself around Lebanon High School over the next three years. He knows how to play the game and can hurt you as a scorer from inside and out.

#82 Devin Hightower

#84 Savon O’Neal

#87 Darren Rubin

#90 Reese Leone

After starting the season with the NEO Shooting Stars, Leone moved over to PK Flash, a program based in Pennsylvania. Leone has most of his impact as a jump shooter, but he uses it to create shots for others.

#91 Muhammed Metz

Metz is a skilled player who specializes with his floater and catch-and-shoot three-point shooting. Yet, his motor fades sometimes. Once he plays hard all the time, Metz could jump into a major roll at the high school level.

#94 Jack Santa Emma

#96 Arthur Fayne

#98 Julian Binford

Binford has most of the skills necessary for the point guard position. It’s just that he’s undersized currently. We expect Binford to spend his sophomore season at the junior varsity level, while Taevion Kinsey runs the backcourt as a senior. If his body matures in the meantime, Binford could become a capable pass-first point guard.

#99 Tevin Jackson

#101 Jace Vining

#102 Colby Cross