Prospect Rankings: 2020 Point Guards (Part 2)


Posted On: 08/28/17 4:02 PM

There’s a lot of high school and grassroots basketball left to be played for the kids included in our 2020 Prospect Rankings. Some players will play their way up the rankings, while others will digress and fall out. For that reason, most of these players aren’t a priority for college programs at this point in their career — it’s just too early!

As of right now, we have 105 prospects from the 2020 class who we’ve seen enough from to believe they’re future college hoopers. We look forward to explaining their spots in our rankings throughout the week with articles like this one, which is focusing on the point guards of 2020.

#19 Cameron McCreary

During the grassroots season with Mid Ohio Pumas Elite 2020, McCreary proved himself as a disciplined playmaker and consistent shooter. He controls the pace of the game, which will be a valued part of his game for Colonel Crawford, where McCreary was a team captain last season.

#20 Qian Magwood

Magwood and VonCameron Davis (#9) are going to create problems for the Columbus City League throughout their career at Walnut Ridge.

Magwood’s shifty ball-handling style requires help-side defense to stop. He’s going to burn anyone one-on-one and finishes in crafty ways in the paint. He could easily rise in the rankings with added height, strength, and/or shooting ability.

#31 CJ Anthony

Anthony is point guard that spreads the floor with his shooting ability and takes what the defense gives him. He also can make the opponent pay for closing out too hard with straight-line drives and elusive finishes.

Expect Anthony to be an impact player in Harvest Prep’s starting lineup next year.

#35 Jordan Jackson

Jackson’s ranks high on the list because he’s one of the most physically imposing point guards in the class. Not only is Jackson a legitimate 6’2” point guard, he’s strong and bouncy enough to disrupt shot attempts at the basket. Because Lorain will be lead by 2019 point guard Devon Grant, Jackson will have the chance to prove himself flexible enough to defend the wing. Yet, he has the intelligence and skills to be considered a true point guard.

#36 Khalil Davis

Davis is another elite athlete from the point guard position. He ranks as the highest point guard from southwest Ohio. Given Cincinnati Princeton’s senior-laden team, we don’t know for certain if Davis will have the type of impact that others will next season at the varsity level.

#43 Isaiah Kennedy

Kennedy is right there with Davis, battling for bragging rights as the top point guard prospect from southwest Ohio’s 2020 class. He’s another kid, however, who could have a tough time scratching the surface at the varsity level, as he plays behind two of Ohio’s best 2018 point guards at Dayton Wayne.

Regardless, Kennedy’s strength and driving ability were too much to handle for most 15U counterparts this spring and summer.

#46 Trevell Adams

Trevell Adams came on our radar in the final weekend of the grassroots season. He led ISG-Hidden Gems into the final four of the GRBA National Championships, where they eventually lost to The Family, an EYBL program from Detroit.

Throughout the weekend, Adams was unstoppable on the dribble drive. He can finish with the right and showed a nice ability to recognize when he should kick to a teammate.

#49 Tahj Staveskie

Staveskie is the type of player who could jump 30 spots in the rankings if his body develops. He already can dribble, pass, and shoot, better than most of the players in this class. Yet, Staveskie is severely undersized. If his body ever catches up his game, Staveskie will wind up at the Division I level.

#57 Mark Wise

At 6’3”, Wise is an explosive and gifted athlete, which allows him to be a problem in the lane. As Wise continues proving himself in other areas of the game, expect him to rise up the charts.

#58 Ketaan Wyatt

Wyatt, like Wise, is a physically talented kid with a lengthy frame. Once Wyatt fills out and finds a better feel for the game, he’ll have the ability to take over.

Wyatt recently transferred from Toledo Rogers to Toledo Start, where he’ll likely be the featured ball-handler next season.

#59 Quentin Richardson

Richardson does most of everything off the dribble: floaters, pull-ups, finds the open man, et cetera. However, once he adds size and is able to take that ball all the way in for finishes, he’ll be a much more impactful player.

He should benefit from playing behind and with high-major 2018 recruit Dwayne Cohill again next season at Holy Name.

#61 Kobe Righter

Righter showed a lot of confidence this summer with VCC-NOVA (Alleyne), whether it was from deep or when attacking the rim. He protects the ball and is best when putting pressure on the defense with an aggressive scorer’s mentality.

#64 Jonzell Norrills

Norrills gets better as the game goes on. His down-hill drives and relentlessness to push the ball wares on the defense all game while he remains unfazed. Once Norrills shows more consistency in creating for others, he may see as much recruitment in basketball as is expected on the football side.