George Conditt Narrows List


Posted On: 08/19/17 9:00 AM

Corliss 2018 center George Conditt is the top ranked post in the state of Illinois in the rising senior class.  The big man blew up this spring and summer playing on the circuit with Team RWA securing a top 5 spot in the state.  Conditt has informed he has narrowed his list to the following schools: New Mexico, Iowa State, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Maryland, UTEP, Illinois, Colorado, Houston, Washington, and Michigan.

Conditt tells us that he has set up a pair of official visits.

“I have two official visits set to UTEP on September 15 and September 29 for New Mexico.”

What are the plans for his other visits?

“I am going to see a lot the local schools unofficially.  Like I am going back up to Iowa State this Sunday.  Local schools that I can drive too probably aren’t going to get officials.”

Conditt noted that he wanted to get out to see as many schools as possible and it makes the most sense to take officials to the schools further away from home.

The big man walked us through the school list and what he likes about each program.

Iowa State

“Iowa State is a great school.  Coaching staff I love.  I get messages daily from both coaches.  The head coach and assistant coach.  They made me a priority which I love.  The campus is amazing.”


“Maryland is a great program.  I got to talk to Maryland on the phone the other day.  I had about a 40 minute conversation on the phone the other day.  He told me how he would play me and what he would do.  I really liked what he was saying.  He sent me pictures of the campus.  They showed up late to the party, but they really want to recruit me.

Virginia Tech

“I had a long conversation with them.  Probably about an hour and twenty minutes talking about their program.”


“My home state.  I chose to stay with Illinois because it is a great opportunity for me.  It is not far away from home so my family can see me play.  The staff is amazing.  Coach Antigua and Coach Chin they show me tough love.  I am from Chicago so tough love is what I am used too.”


“Colorado contacts me daily.  I have built a relationship daily with Colorado where I feel comfortable with them.  I plan on majoring in engineering and they have a great engineering program there.”


“I mean it is Washington.  They just had the #1 player drafted and I believe in what the coaching staff can do.  They coaching staff there is amazing.  They hit me up all the time and stay on me.  I love what they can do for me.”


“I kept UTEP in first because they were the first to school to see what I can actually do.  Also it is a great school.  I love UTEP and the coaching staff.  They have a lot of players built around my playing style.  They picked up Evan Gilyard from last year.  I see them having a great year this year and I like them.”


“Houston has stayed in contact with me this whole time.  I have family down in Houston.  It isn’t like I haven’t seen the campus before.  I have been down to the school before.”

New Mexico

“Even though they hopped in July they left that impression on me.  They left that impression that only a few other schools have.  New Mexico has made me a priority.  They showed me if I come in I am playing right away.  They are losing their bigs so I am a priority to them.”

Georgia Tech

“Georgia Tech is a great team in a tough conference.  Them believing that I can play at that level I love them for that.”


“Michigan is the mystery one that some people won’t understand.  They haven’t offered yet, but I have built a relationship with the staff.  I plan on going up there in September when the head coach gets back.  See the environment of Michigan.  Michigan is a great school.  They are a very smart school.  They are all about academics which I am all for.  I love the way they have made me feel.  I built a relationship with the recruiting coach, Coach Luke Yaklich when he was at another school.  He has shown me what Michigan is all about.”

What will he be looking for in the schools recruiting him to get those remaining visits before he makes a decision?

“I am going to let coaches know straight up for these last three officials you have to fight for it.  I like all these schools, but it is who wants me the most.  Where I want to go to the most.  If you show me I am a priority and you really want me you can get the official.  Just work hard for it.”

Conditt chatted with us about his time frame for making a decision.

“I want to sign during the first period.”

He also wanted to note that if a new school comes in during September to see him during open gym he wouldn’t close the door on that opportunity.