Posted On: 07/22/17 1:15 PM

Teams from all over the country are in attendance at the West Coast Elite Summer Classic. This is one of the top tournaments during the second live period and hundreds of college coaches are in attendance. The State of Utah had Exum Elite, Salt Lake Metro, Mountain Stars, UBC and the Salt Lake Rebels. I will be highlighting some of the top performers from these teams.

Hunter Erickson 6’3 G (Exum Elite) fresh off of his offers from BYU and Utah, Erickson’s play excelled to a high level. On opening night, Exum Elite play Big Red which featured some high level D1 talent. Erickson played extremely well by knocking down threes, finishing at rim with high light dunks and blocking seven footers. It will be interesting to see what other schools offer in the next few months.

Steven Ashworth 6’0 G (Salt Lake Metro) the quick point guard was the bright spot for Salt Lake Metro. He was able to blow by defenders and find ways to score at the rim. Ashworth was getting his teammates wide open looks all weekend but in the games I watched shots were not falling for them. His recruiting is fairly quiet right now so it will be interesting too see what colleges make a run at Ashworth.

Matthew Van Komen 7’3 (Exum Elite) On opening night, Exum Elite play Big Red which featured some high level D1 talent including 7’0 Bol Bol. Van Komen was very impressive has he bead Bol Bol down the court on several occasions for easy dunks. He also knocked down some 15 footers which is ridiculous for a 7’3 kid. Van Komen is a much better athlete then people give him credit for.

Jon Parker 6’3 G (UBC) shot the ball very well from deep throughout the tournament. He is very good catch and shoot and has range a few feet from beyond the three point line. Parker has a solid handle and is able to get into paint. He is also a better athlete than he looks which bolds well for him at the next level.

Piol Makuel 5’11 G (Salt Lake Metro) is a very quick guard that showed he is a two-way player. He was able to guard almost everyone he was matched up against. Makeul was able to get inside the paint consistently and finished at a solid rate. He needs to work on his outside shooting to make him a more complete player. Makuel is a solid junior college prospect.