Posted On: 07/15/17 9:13 PM

Photo Credit: Sidney Daily News

Fort Loramie’s talented PG Evan Berning (2018) has had a quiet summer. After tearing his labrum during the season, Evan had the surgery to get him ready for this upcoming season.


“I have not had a chance to play AAU this summer and have just started to get back into the weight room”.


The time on the bench has given Evan an opportunity to watch his teammates and figure out what he needs to do to help the Redskins once November comes around.


Evan tells me he has felt his best attributes is him being a leader and controlling the pace and finding open teammates. This is true, but Evan overall has shown great brilliance as a PG. Although he can score, Evan has a drive-and-kick mentality. With several shooters on the team last year, this allowed him to rack up the assists. He also has the athleticism to split defenders. In their tournament game against Lockland, Berning showed great presence and incredible court awareness and was able to split the double teams he lured with ease.


Where Evan wants to improve is his shooting. Although he did knock down some 3PT shots during the tournament, Evan did not have great consistency. He also wants to improve on being a leader. With several big pieces returning for the Redskins next season, Evan will be looked upon to be the go-to-guy for them.


With these returning players, Evan has high hopes for Fort Loramie hoops moving forward.


“I think a county championship and a trip to Columbus are all very realistic goals for us to have…individually I want to help the younger guys in the program to grow and lead us to a state title”.


Berning’s coach has contacted several D2 and NAIA schools about Evan however with his shoulder injury, it has been difficult for schools to see him play. One school that has shown some more interest than others has been Capital University. With his talent I highly expect even more schools to show interest once Evan gets back to playing come November.