Posted On: 07/14/17 4:32 PM

Ever since the game of basketball was invented, it has taken on countless transformation to find what makes the most beautiful version. Whether it was realizing how valuable a player’s height is, becoming more crafty with ball handling, or finding frontcourt players who can play like guards, the game is always changing and “updating.” One thing that has always remained the same is the value of a pure shooter. If a player can shoot the ball, there will always be a place on a team for him/her. That’s exactly what David Stewart does, but also has other valuable intangibles that come with his game.

Stewart is a 6’6 195-pound sniper that has arguably the prettiest shooting stroke in his class. In his freshman season on Broadneck High School’s junior varsity team, Stewart averaged 12 points, eight rebounds, and five assists per game as he paced his team to a 13-7 overall record. During the majority of his freshman season, the coaching staff had him playing inside like a more traditional big man, but Stewart has always been best at playing out on the perimeter. Since he was in elementary school, his father, Chris, has been training him to play more like a guard rather than a back-t0-the-basket big man. Luckily for Stewart, versatile bigs are the latest trend in the transformation of basketball.

This spring/summer, Stewart has been playing his AAU ball with The District Basketball Club, where he has been able to showcase more of his perimeter game.

The most impressive thing about Stewart’s shooting stroke is how quick it is. Coaches tend to try and teach their players to catch the ball in form to avoid any swinging down of the ball, which can result in a longer release and a contested shot. Stewart, similar to Golden State’s Klay Thompson, can catch at his chest and go right into his shot. He’s the type of shooter with “in the gym range.” This is a term that often is used when a player has what seems to be unlimited range. In his summer league play, Stewart let a ton of shots go from NBA range that looked completely natural. With his 6’6 size to go with an elite shot, it’s only a matter of time before Division I schools will be calling.

Shooting isn’t the only way Stewart can impact a game. Because he draws so much attention, he attacks closeouts well and has good vision reading the defense’s weakside rotations. A mix of anticipation and passing ability makes him someone that makes everyone around him better.

Stewart has been invited to four elite camps this summer. UNC-Greensboro, Navy, Penn, and UMBC are all among that list. Stewart holds a 3.2 GPA currently.

In terms of what Stewart is looking for in his college search, a coach that believes in his ability to play on the perimeter is very important. He admits that playing the more traditional role of a true big man this past high school season helped him focus more on rebounding and his post game, but Stewart feels he is most effective outside, and rightfully so.

What will a college program get with Stewart?

“A player who can make all of his teammates better,” Stewart told PrepHoops. “Off the floor, continuing to be a leader to my teammates and helping people around campus.”