Unsigned Senior Alert: Tyshun Archie

North Carolina

Posted On: 06/4/17 9:01 AM

As time gets closer and closer to August it would seem as if there is not as many talented players left to choose from, however for some reason this season there seems to be more talented unsigned players left going into June. One of those players is Pine Forest HS & RAID Nation Forward Tyshun Archie, who has impressed coaches at multiple levels already. Archie is a youngster who is pretty new to the Fayetteville area but he made his impact for his high school and AAU teams as soon as he landed, whatever program picks him up will be getting a good one.

What makes him special?

Without a doubt the attribute that will immediately impress you about Tyshun is his athletic ability, plain and simple this young man is a high flyer. There was countless times this season where he made plays above the rim on the offensive end as well as the defensive end with dunks and blocks. He’s also a very skilled and willing rebounder, he doesn’t mind physical contact at all and will bang inside with guys that are much taller than he is. He’s improved greatly with his guard skills on both ends of the floor as his ball handling has improved as well as shooting from midrange and deep. It’s always a positive thing when you have a player at his height who can guard multiple positions and does so with a high amount of energy. Last but not least is his competitive spirit, he is very confident player and doesn’t back down from anybody, he’s the type of player who not only believes in himself but also the entire team. Recently Caldwell Tech Community College, Fayetteville Tech Community College, Pitt Community College and a few other JUCO programs have expressed interest in Archie but none have offered as of yet which is a bit of a shocker.