UBA Carolina Elite: Breakout Performers (Part 2)

North Carolina

Posted On: 06/16/17 6:00 PM

Ckavyion Everett – Team Premier – 6’3” W – 2018

Outstanding athlete. Vertical leap is easily in the 42+ vicinity. Has extremely long arms and foot speed to boot. Could be a nightmare 3 position defender in the future. Must develop guard skills, but is a terror in transition. Also does a good job attacking closeouts for monster dunks. Intriguing prospect.

Donte Johnson – Team Premier – 6’5” W – 2019

Walking mismatch. Definitely possesses the frame, versatility and athleticism to develop into a load of an inside/outside threat at the Division 1 level someday. Very tricky lefty that is hard to contain once he gets it going. Does a great job mixing it up inside and floating out to the wing.

Terrance Copper – Team Premier -6’1” G – 2019

Very strong and compact guard. Has a knack for getting to loose balls, always in attack mode and finishes strong through contact. In time could develop into a solid combo guard with his combination of muscle, mentality to attack and finishing ability.

Rashod Smith – Team Premier – 5’7” PG – 2020

You’ve heard about this kid before at PrepHoops. He continues to shine. Had a dominant showing. His combination of a high basketball IQ, 3pt shooting range, defensive intensity and exceptional passing was on full display as he helped lead his team to an undefeated record in the tourney. He’s grown a couple of inches the past few months and appears he can stretch out some more. Excellent prospect.

Shamon Wooten – Carolina Stormcats – 6’0” G – 2019

Wired to score. Will probably be the leading scorer for his high school when the season comes. Very aggressive and a load to contain. Very fast with the ball. Reacts to defenses instantly and a crafty shot creator. Should his point guard skills continue developing at such a fast rate, he’ll be big trouble for opposing defenders.

Bobby Corbitt – Carolina Stormcats – 6’0” PG – 2020

First heard about him here. This kid has a unique mix of skill, size, athleticism and the “it” factor when it comes to winning. Rarely turns the ball over, possesses a great change of pace, strong upper body and the ability to rise up and dunk the ball in transition. Will be a joy to watch over the next few years.