UBA Carolina Elite: Breakout Performers (Part 1)

North Carolina

Posted On: 06/16/17 2:04 PM

Jamari Leach – Goldsboro Bulldogs – 5’11” PG – 2020

Very strong and compact young guard. Shows zero signs of intimidation no matter the opponent. Extremely tough, finishes around the basket, finds teammates off the dribble and knocks down open shots with good consistency. One to watch over the years.

Judah McBynum – Carolina Stormcats – 6’3” W – 2019

Intriguing wing. Has sneaky athleticism and a solid bag of tricks off the dribble. As a spot up shooter, he does a good job floating out for open looks and steps into his shot with great confidence. In transition, he leaks out once rebounds are secured and finishes well on the break with either hand.

DeAndre Wright – Goldsboro Bulldogs – 5’9” PG – 2019

Ultra-quick and heady point guard. Doesn’t make a ton of mistakes. When aggressive, he gets to the rim with high consistency and possesses good enough leaping ability to finish over/through contact on the regular. Court vision appeared to be well above-average. Was finding players through small cracks and along the perimeter.

Malachi Borders – 910 Vengeance – 5’10” PG – 2020

Very solid point guard prospect. Makes open shots, finishes in transition and does a good job dropping off dump passes under pressure. Showed great poise despite a somewhat hostile environment and a constant wave of ball pressure from opponents. Good potential here.

Quincy Martin – 910 Vengeance – 6’5” W – 2020

Sleeper prospect. This kid did a little bit of everything for his team. Showed off some impressive athleticism, court vision, a long wingspan that enables him to guard multiple positions and great pace. Could develop into a really huge matchup problem sooner than later. Has a very high motor. Colleges might want to check him out early. Should he continue growing, it could be very problematic for opposing teams in the near future.

Ja’Ques Shields – Capital City Pacers – 5’8” PG – 2019

Excellent point guard. Size didn’t phase him in the least bit. Gets into the paint and has excellent court vision. Finds players on the break, in halfcourt sets and even on out of bounds plays. Makes deep jumpers and can score it in bunches. Will be interested to see his development going forward. This kid plays really hard, really smart and ran the team with great efficiency.