The Triangle Challenge Summer league is back!

North Carolina

Posted On: 06/1/17 8:00 AM

The Triad Challenge Summer league challenge is back on again! For those who didn’t know already the league makes its return this week and will be one that you want to stop in to without a doubt. Held in Raleigh, NC the league always features some of the top talent in the state that is known and unknown, teams come in and compete from day 1 all the way until championship night.

Teams like Juice All-Stars, Red Storm, and many other Raleigh based teams and even teams from surrounding areas come in to compete. Fans pile in to the gym at a high rates as well as media and college coaches, which always helps to provide an intense atmosphere where players want to bring their A game.

All-CIAA Rookie Team Guard Roger Ray & CIAA Freshman of The Robert Colon were both players in the league and helped to lead their team all the way to the championship game. Word of God standout Mikeil Watkins and 2018 Guards Jimmie Sanders III and Isaiah Tatum have been playing in the league for a very long time. Now it’s a new breed of players stepping on the floor, guards like Nebraska Signee Thomas Allen and Florida Signee Michael Okaru who both come from the Raleigh area before they attended Brewster Academy.

Now only has the league helped provide players with the opportunity to keep fresh during dead periods but also it helps provide the opportunity for more exposure for the under the radar players. Over the years there has been a nice amount of college coaches come thru the league and find players that they liked. At the end of the day this is what we like the most about the Triangle Challenge league, the opportunity it presents for youngsters not only to do something positive with their time but also to possible help their recruitment and move on to the next level.