Top 2018 Oklahoma Point Gurards: Tauriawn Knight


Posted On: 06/26/17 6:31 PM

Tauriawn Knight is a modern version of the point guard position combining athleticism, size, and leadership.

Standing at 6’2 Knight is a big guard with incredible speed in transition. Once he gets downhill there is nothing you can do to contain him.

The Edmond Santa Fe senior’s stock has risen due to his improvement shooting the ball consistently on the AAU circuit with OK Run PWP.

Knight has had a great summer where he has shown his skills in transition but also his ability to play off the ball and hit open shots. His biggest weakness was scoring in the half court consistently.

He has worked on getting better shots when the flow of the game has slowed. To play D1 basketball you have to be able to convert in the half court to become a star.

Playing in the half court has highlighted his ability to facilitate and make his teammates better. Knight led a young ESF team last year and there were plenty highs and lows throughout the season but he never stop hitting the open man.

Knight’s leadership is apparent whenever you see him play. High fives and encouraging words are a staple of his leadership style which is effective especially with a young and developing roster at ESF.

The combination of athletic ability and emotional intelligence is what makes Knight an intriguing prospect. The position of point guard requires the ability to know who can take a butt chewing and who cannot.

Guys will play hard for Knight because of his natural leadership qualities.

Knight will lead a talented team into the upcoming 2017-18 season and there will again be high expectations.

If Knight can carry the momentum from an outstanding summer into this upcoming senior season, the Wolves will make a lot of noise in 6A and possibly take Edmond back. As the leader, Knight is ready for the challenge.