Top 2018 Oklahoma Point Guards: Stephon Hall


Posted On: 06/22/17 8:19 PM

Stephon Hall is a “pace” type of point guard who never gets sped up and who is always in control. He understands that when he has the ball in his hands everyone else is on his time. Hall wont wow you with athleticism or speed but he always just gets the job done.

Playing with the OK Power has allowed Hall to show off many different facets of his game to a broader audience. At Mount St. Mary’s, Hall performed at a high level but rarely played against the best point guards in the state.

Hall has been able to show his ability to play off the ball and hit shots from the perimeter. He is a solid shooter from midrange but this summer he has shown the consistency shooting from deep.

Many times he would hit three in a row to help the OK Power extend or regain leads.

However, Hall is at his best with the ball in his hands and making decisions. He is a natural creator of offense so it makes it easy on his teammates and all they have to do is find their open spots.

At 5’10, whatever Hall lacks in speed he makes up in smarts and being extremely crafty. His calm demeanor is perfect for the position and puts his teammates at ease in pressure situations.

Hall is heading into his senior year at MSM which will require him to take more of a scoring role due to the team’s loss of talent from last year. He will be able to show off his playmaking ability and consistent shot making.

Hall is a low DII/NAIA prospect who can run the show and become a second coach on the floor.