Top 2018 Oklahoma Point Guards: Mason Harrell


Posted On: 06/24/17 2:11 PM

When attending a Carl Albert basketball game, you should know that you have purchased a ticket to the “Mason Harrell Show”. Harrell is 5’8 but he is a terror to guard due to his elite skill and will to win. He is the most clutch player in the state due to his long list of decorated shots that led to CA victories.

No matter if it’s Nike EYBL or Adidas circuit, Harrell has proven he can not only hang with the elite players in the nation but also produce.

Looking at his physical stature, you would think he has no business going in the paint.

However, Harrell is one of the best finishers in the state because of his ability to use both hands in traffic. He just finds ways to kiss the ball off the glass with difficulty. He has also developed a floater which defenders can only try to swat.

Harrell’s recruiting has picked up but he is the type of player who get some offers late because coaches who might have been leery will get over the fact that he is small and just look at his production. Whichever program that gets his services will reap the benefits immediately.

Harrell’s game is college ready and doesn’t rely on his athleticism as much as most point guards.

There are some things that you can’t teach. Harrell’s instincts and IQ are at an elite level which is why he is one of the most productive guards around.

He has a great feel for the requirements of the point guard position.  Harrell is playing chess and his opponents are playing checkers.

Harrell has played with elite talent in HS and AAU so adapting to college will not be as much of a drastic transition.

He is the type of player who takes the second team in practice and challenge the first team because his teammates will will know their role and they will compete for him.

There are some college coaches out there who have not seen him play and will just look at his height and weight on paper and be immediately turned off.

Whichever coach actually watches him play basketball will know that he can impact a team at the next level.

Harrell has a low major D1 offer and he has the potential and ability to become a Conf