Top 2018 Oklahoma Point Guards: Jon Matthews

High School

Posted On: 06/22/17 7:15 PM

Matthews is a quick 5’8 point guard who has a knack for flashy passes and excellent ball handling. If you are a the Heritage Hall point guard you better be alert because he can make you look foolish.

Matthews is coming off a good year at Heritage Hall where he had a loaded squad which allowed him to unleash his abilities. He is a player who combines flash and craftiness to get the job done at the point guard position.

The Chargers had a lot of talent on the wings with sharpshooter Les Thomas and all-around talent Sayvon Milton. With a point guard like Matthews, these tow just had to run and they would get the ball in position to score.

Thomas and Milton went on to play basketball at the next level due to their own potential but some of their production can be accredited to Matthews playmaking ability.

Matthews is currently the floor general for OK Run PWP 16U with “super-team” type of talent. With the likes of Bryce Thompson, the Boone twins, and others Matthews is able to do what he does best which is to set up talent to do what they do best.

With the losses on Heritage Hall’s roster, Matthews will not only be asked to lift up a young core of players but he also will be asked to score more. This upcoming senior year could be a great developmental season for Matthews who can improve his ability to score and not just pass. Matthews has the chance to take his game to another level.

Matthews is a DII prospect who can run a top offense in college if he is surrounded by talented offensive players.