Posted On: 06/7/17 11:39 AM

The SD Heat Hardwood Classic results gives PHD another chance to update the team rankings at all three levels.



RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1South Dakota Attack 12-2Fury Zurn (+7), Heat Vang (+8)1
2Pentagon Schoolers Robey15-3Heat Vang (+14)Fury Zurn (-12)2
3ECI Prospects20-4Inspired Athletics (x2), ND Attack Blue, Pentagon Schoolers Kraning (+12), ND Attack Black (+7), Midwest Magic, ECI Select (+19)Fury Zurn (-19)3
4ECI Select14-9ND Attack Black (+1), ND Attack Blue (x2)
ND Attack Green (+19)
Pentagon Schoolers Kran (+7)
ND Attack Black (-9), ECI Prospects7
5ND Attack Blue11-7ND Attack Green (+15), Inspired AthleticsECI Select (x2)8
6Midwest Magic8-4BBA Force (+10), ND Attack GreenMN Fury Zurn (-10), ECI Prospects5
7Inspired Athletics12-9ND Attack Blue (+13), ND Attack Black (+19)MN Fury Zurn (-13), ECI Prospects (-27), ND Attack Blue4
8BBA Bartlett8-8Midwest Magic (-10)6
9ND Attack Green10-7ND Attack BlackECI Select (-19), ND Attack Blue (-15), Midwest Magic13
10Pentagon Schoolers Kraning5-14ND Attack Black (+8)ECI 17u Selects (-7), ECI Prospects (-12)9
11Sacred Hoops Sittig 5-3SH Nesheim 12
12ND Attack Black8-8ECI Selects (+9)ECI Select (-1), Pentagon Schoolers Kran (-8), Inspired Athletics (-19), ECI Prospects, ND Attack Green10
13South Dakota Network4-411
14Sacred Hoops Nesheim2-2SH Buus, SH McVey SH Sittig 14
15Sacred Hoops Bruening2-215
16Sacred Hoops Buus3-4SH Knutson SH Nesheim 16
17Sacred Hoops McVey1-2SH Knutson SH Nesheim 17
18Sacred Hoops Knutson1-2SH SittigSH Buus, SH McVey18



RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1Pentagon Schoolers Begeman16-2ECI Prospects (x2), Fury P (+5), WOTN (+1)1
2SD Attack8-5Fury P (+9)2
3BBA Force Hennen9-7WOTN (-1)3
4Pentagon Schoolers Vincent9-7ND Attack Green, Phenom (+15), Inspired Athletics (+15), ECI Selects Hanson (+3), ECI Prospects (+5), ECI Purinton (+1)4
5ECI Prospects13-9Phenom (+12), ND Attack Blue, ND Attack GrenFury P (-19), Pentagon Schoolers Begeman (x2), Schools Vincent (-5)5
6ND Attack Green11-7ECI 16u Purintun (x2), ECI HansonPentagon Schoolers Vincent, ECI Prospects (-25)7
7SD Venom6-5BBA Force I (+19), Inspired Athletics (+7)6
8ECI Purintun8-10ECI Hansen (+6), Inspired AthleticsND Attack Green (x2)10
9SD Network5-8Phenom (+2)Fury P (-16)8
10ND Phenom5-8Pentagon Schoolers Vincent (-15), ECI Prospects (-12),SD Network (-2)9
11BBA Force Irvine11-8SD Venom (-19)11
12Inspired Athletics8-13ECI HansenSD Venom (-7), Pentagon Schoolers Vincent (-15), Phenom (-8), ECI Purintun12
13Sacred Hoops Bertram6-2SH Long (+26)13
14ECI Hansen10-10ND Attack Blue (+12)Inspired Athletics, ECI Purintun (-6), Pentagon Schoolers Vincent (-3), ND Green14
15Sacred Hoops Herther5-3SH Redman (+21), SH Otkin (+24)15
16Sacred Hoops Redman2-1SH Herther (-21)16
17Sacred Hoops Long4-3SH Bertram (-26)17
18ND Attack Blue2-14ECI Hansen (-12), 18
19Dakota Niners1-219
20Sacred Hoops Larson0-320
Others:Sacred Hoops Otkin0-4SH Herther (-26)NR



RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious Week
1Pentagon Schoolers Daly10-6ND Phenom Regional (+31), Inspired Athletics May (+29), ECI Prospects (x2),ECI Prospects (-4), Fury Wilde (-20)1
2SD Attack8-5Heat Mac (+7)Fury Wilde (-28)2
3ECI Prospects13-7ND Attack Green (+10), Pentagon Schoolers Daly (+4), ND Attack Blue, ECI Cummings (+5)Pentagon Schoolers Daly (x2), Heat Mac (-14), SW Stars (-3), Fury Wilde (-37)3
4South Dakota Venom Fisher9-4BBA Reese (+21)Fury Wilde x2 (-2, -8), Heat Mac (-14)4
5ECI Cummings14-5ECI Labeau (x2), Pentagon Schoolers Thorsen (x2)ECI Prospects (-5)5
6ECI Labeau13-7Pentagon Schoolers Thorson (+11)ECI Select Cummings (x2), ND Attack Blue (-11)6
8BBA Reese7-11Sacred Hoops Harming (+6), Inspired Athletics (+3)SD Venom Fisher (-21)8
9Inspired Athletics7-13ND Phenom Regional (+5), ND Attack GreenPentagon Schoolers Daly, ND Attack Green (-8), BBA Reese (-3)13
10ND Attack Green8-8Inspired Athletics (+8), ND Attack Blue (+11)ECI Prospects (-10), Inspired Athletics12
11Sacred Hoops Harming7-2Sacred Hoops Kahler (+1), ND Attack Blue (+10)BBA Force - Reese (-6)9
12Pentagon Schoolers Thorsen9-6ND Attack Blue (+3)ECI Select Cummings (x2), ECI Select Lebeau (-11)10
13ND Attack Blue8-9Team Brandon, ECI LaBeau (+11)Pentagon Schoolers Thorsen (-3), Sacred Hoops Harming (-10), ECI Prospects, ND Attack Green (-11)11
14Sacred Hoops Kahler2-2Sacred Hoops Harming (-1)16
15ND Phenom National3-514
16ND Phenom Regional2-9Pentagon Schoolers Daly, Inspired Athletics May (-5)15
17Dakota Niners2-117
18Sacred Hoops Mergen1-218
19Sacred Hoops Smith1-219
20Sacred Hoops Hieb1-220