Recruiting Report: Javohn Garcia (2019)


Posted On: 06/8/17 6:09 AM

The word “emerging” and “break-out performance” are thrown around all too often. However, as it relates the Javohn Garcia’s (2019) spring, he truly had a “break-out” couple of months in April and May.

“I’m really satisfied [with this spring]. We’re #2 in the state, so yeah,” Garcia said.

Upon transferring to Pickerington Central from Independence, Garcia wasn’t in the public eye too much this past winter. With the Tigers’ depth, it’s challenging, even for someone as talented as Garcia, to earn minutes in the rotation.

This spring however, he’s verified his status as a college prospect with Pro Bound with an added role. According to the 6’3” combo guard himself, the break-out spring is thanks to playing time and his work ethic.

“It’s a little bit of both. I’m always in the gym working, trying to earn my spot. Like, it’s been rough at Pick Central but I got over it. Just kept working, staying in the gym and get better,” Garcia told Prep Hoops.

“I should get more minutes [next year]. But I still got to earn my spot because I’m at a really good school … You always have to work for something if you want to go get it,” Garcia said.

As June enters full-swing mode, Garcia can take his personal momentum into the Pickerington Central gym and maybe earn some more playing time going into next winter. Part of that momentum could be thanks to a few colleges showing interest.

“Right now, there’s a school called Radford. They really like my game, they saw me in Atlanta. They really like my game and they’ve been calling my director, Ty [Hairston], a lot to get more footage and they’re going to come to some more stuff in July. Holy Cross, they’ve been sending letters and stuff to my school, to my coach for the recruiting process,” Garcia said.

Garcia later mentioned that he’ll be taking visits to the University of Michigan, West Virginia, and Air Force during the fall.

“Right now, I’m in the middle of the school-ball for Central. So it’s like, kind of hard to go to any visits. But I’m going to be going to visits during football season,” Garcia explained.

Garcia is one of these guys who can score the ball at all three levels. Whether it’s off-the-dribble to the lane or pulling up, or catching from three. He’s a dynamic offensive player with the ball in his hands, yet has the unselfishness to space the floor and let others create.

Really, where questions arise for Garcia comes to grades, which we discussed in detail.

“Right now, my grades wasn’t really outstanding because it was a transfer over from Independence to Pickerington. So I had like a 2.3 [GPA] … My accumulative, I haven’t got it yet. I still have to do the transfers from Independence and the grades from there,” Garcia said.

Garcia will also look to take the ACT after doing some practice runs and studying this summer.

Going into next July and beyond, Garcia is hoping to prove himself, on an overall basis.

“It’s really my first full year [coming up]. So, I had to sit 11 at Pick Central and then I played half of the season at Independnce. So I’m really under-the-radar because I haven’t had any stats in high school.” Garcia continued about his goals, “I always wanted to score 1,000-points in high school and like Districts, Regional, and a State Championship, OCC-Championships. Me getting stronger and faster, always in the gym. And then just seeing everyone be happy.”