Recruiting Report: Darweshi Hunter (2018)


Posted On: 06/5/17 8:46 AM

Phoenix-native and current Cincinnati Princeton 6’4″ guard Darweshi Hunter (2018) has found his basketball niche by simply scoring the basketball. After averaging 17.8 points per game last season, Hunter is now on track to enter the 1,000-Point Club as a senior if he continues scoring at that rate. Even for All Ohio Black 17U, Hunter can be found scoring from deep and directly at the basket.

This obvious ability has gained attention from a few premier Division II programs and a low-major from the Patriot League.

“I talked to Findlay. I talked to Wheeling Jesuit and Lehigh,” Hunter said. He expanded by saying, “Wheeling Jesuit has been on me the hardest.”

Just a few days back, Hunter went to Wheeling Jesuit’s campus.

“That’s where I took my visit, just a few days ago,” Hunter said yesterday.

“I like the campus. I like the feel … The coach called me yesterday to check up on me to see how I liked the school and all that.”

When the time comes to make a decision, Hunter will weigh a number of factors, to decide which university fits him best.

“I think it will be based on my playing time and the style of ball they play. The players on the team already — if I connect with them and if I like them, vibe with them. And the coach, if he gives me a good feel and is a genuine, honest dude that I could play for and he’ll push me to get the best out of me,” Hunter said.

Hunter later explained that he prefers a fast-tempo style of basketball, where the team is getting up as many shot attempts up as possible.

He currently carries between a 3.5-3.7 GPA and a 940 SAT score. He will take the ACT this month.

As mentioned, Hunter is a scoring guard. Specifically, he tends to score via the jump shot.

Even so, he’s looking to add more consistency to his mechanics.

“My release is a little low sometimes; it changes, it varies. That’s why I’m working on it so much, to try to get as consistent as possible,” Hunter said.

Even though we’ve talked at length about Hunter’s off-ball ability, he hasn’t always played this role. It’s since moving to Ohio, to get closer to family, that Hunter has shifted away from a primary ball-handler role.

“I can run the point. But normally, since I moved to Ohio my sophomore year, they have me playing shooting guard. But before that, I always played point guard,” Hunter explained.

Regardless, he’s excelling within this current opportunity.

“My role in high school and AAU is the same. They want me to look to score the ball first, and get the team going and go for it. But, like, when I don’t have the opportunity to score, I pass it no problems. I always pass to the open man. And then, just be a leader on the team too,” Hunter said.

Scouts can watch Hunter in-action with a talented Princeton team this month, where he plays alongside Darius Bazley and some super talented incoming-sophomores. He will also be back with All Ohio Black in July.