Recruiting Report: Aaron Loines (2018)


Posted On: 06/13/17 8:58 AM

In Aaron Loines’ (2018) first summer playing with TNBA East, he’s had to find his niche on a team who is otherwise familiar with each other. But for this 6’4” combo forward from Glenville, that’s not too hard to figure out. Loines prides himself on being an energetic role player; one who is excited to affect the game through any number of ways.

“I’m really energetic. I try to be the Draymond Green of the Warriors. Try to bring energy on the team,” Loines explained.

On June 7, Loines had the chance to show-off his playing style/mentality to the only program showing interest currently, the University of Northwestern Ohio.

“This was my first visit, so I enjoyed everything that they gave me. I ran five-on-five with the players too when I went there,” Loines said.

Loines left the campus hopeful that Northwestern Ohio will offer him soon.

Even so, his options remain open, despite lacking other college interest. Eventually, he’ll base his decision on a number of factors.

“The type of people that go there, if they’re friendly or not. My major, if it really fits on the academic side. And the team, I want to see if it’s good for me. As in, will I have a good role on the team and want to continue my basketball career there,” Loines said.

Currently, Loines carries a 2.2 GPA. However, Loines said this is due to having to miss school as a freshman, because his lung collapsed. The time spent in the hospital during that time hurt his transcript.

“My ninth grade year, my lung collapsed. That was my first year of high school, and I was in the hospital. So my grades went down. And I had, like, Fs. But I made a successful recovery. But it’s still, like, my transcripts are still messed up. But it should go up as these years go by,” Loines told Prep Hoops. He continued by telling us that he’s in honor’s classes right now.

The medical issues from a few years back also resulted in a much skinnier Loines that what we see today. Loines now uses a lean, athletic frame to beat defenders off the dribble from the mid-range.

While he can finish high off the glass on the offensive end, it’s actually defense Loines excels most.

“Because my frame and arms are real long, I think I have an advantage on defense and to get steals and contest other people’s shots … Mainly all [positions]. I’m confident in everything I do on the court,” Loines said.

Expect Loines to continue drawing interest as a versatile defender who can produce energy baskets around the rim. He will look to continue developing his ball-handling skills and GPA in the meantime.