Prospect Spotlight: Tariq Harris (2018)

High School

Posted On: 06/21/17 11:09 AM

Tariq Harris is a 6’4 combo guard from Crescent Valley High School located in Corvallis, Oregon. When locked in has a chance to be a very good player.  Playing on Varsity all 4 years and really learning the system and thriving in it. He knows when to take the shot and when to set up the offense. The offense they run caters to his game because it is fast paced and high scoring.  His game is smooth yet explosive. He has the ability to create off the dribble and make others around better. His game resembles that of a John Wall. He can get from one end to the other end quicker than any guard can. He can also really load up and give you plenty of highlight reel dunks through contact. He definitely has the ability to be an excellent small forward prospect!

I spoke with him a little about his game, what he thought were his strengths, and here is what he had to say.

“My positives are that I am very athletic and can get to the rim a lot! I have great ability to create a lot of space for my jump shot. With my length and strength, I can really finish through contact with both hands. This off-season I need to work on my quickness and my three point shot.”

What is recruitment looking like for you?

“I’m a junior and I have been getting a few looks here and there from university of Portland, Boise state, Oregon State, but no offers yet. My plan is to really step it up this summer and better market myself in some of these NCAA camps.”

Tariq spoke about his senior year and his goals for himself and the team.

“This year is my last year and I want to go all the way to the championship where the competition is at its best. First, we need to really gel as a team and play more at our tempo, which is getting the ball off the glass and pushing it up the court. Me personally, I want to continue to attack the defense as I did last year. I hope to knock down some more 3’s this year to show that I am versatile. I know this year my team is going to count me to be the go to guy more consistently throughout the game and that will consist of me playing with a high motor all game long.”

Tariq has been playing for one of the top AAU programs in the Oregon area called HOOP SALEM JOE’s. They currently are competing in high level tournaments that offer major exposure for their players. He described his experience as, “eye opening.” Mainly because of the level of competition that is out there and how many colleges actually come to these tournaments looking for talent.

Tariq has had some major interest but nothing solid just yet. This summer will be important for him and with the attitude; he has walking into camps the letters should start to come toward the end of the NCAA viewing period.