Prospect Spotlight: Sean Tyson (2018)


Posted On: 06/15/17 6:20 AM

When it comes to describing the approach of 5’7” Centennial High School point guard Sean Tyson (2018), it’s simple: passionate.

“I’m a very passionate player. So when I’m on the court, I’m always going to be talking. I’m always going to be in ears. I’m just a really scrappy and passionate person because I take the game very seriously and I love it,” Tyson said.

For Hidden Gems Orange this spring, Tyson has played with said fire every time we’ve watched him. The twitchy defender is always getting his hands on the ball when guys are dribbling or before they rise for lay-ups. Furthermore, he pushes the pace offensively and beats defenses to spots routinely.

Even so, Tyson hasn’t drawn the interest of any college programs thus far.

“I’ve got a letter from Lake Erie, inviting me to a basketball camp recently. But I haven’t talked to specifically any coaches in person or gone on any visits,” Tyson told us. He plans on attending that camp at Lake Erie, where he’ll bring a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

“It makes me a little aggravated, a little irritated to hear other players are getting looked at and I’m going hard as them, even harder. Making more of an impact on the game, and I’m not getting looked at,” Tyson said.

“I think people are already underestimating me because of my height. So, I’m going to have to come in here and go harder than anyone else on the basketball court.”

Even if Tyson doesn’t ever gain the opportunity to be on a college basketball program, he’ll likely be successful in other ways. The 3.5 GPA student explained that he is a future veterinarian. Also, if academics are what gets him onto a campus, he’d be willing to walk-on somewhere.

“If I was blessed to have that opportunity, I think I would [walk-on]. Academics is always my plan-B if basketball doesn’t work out. So if grades just help me get onto another basketball platform, then I would definitely look for the opportunity to walk-on to a team,” Tyson said.

Tyson also has a 21 ACT score, which earned without the use of calculator, as he was unaware that you were allowed to use one. He’ll be taking classes at Columbus State during his senior year, in order to earn college credits.

Coaches, facilities, teammates and style of play, will all be factors Tyson will consider in choosing a campus to call home in the fall of 2018.

In the meantime, Tyson will be playing at maximum effort in whatever gym you’ll find him in. He’ll be back with Hidden Gems Orange in June. As far as Centennial goes, Tyson is ready for the challenge of being underestimated once again.

“My goal, I’m trying to get to City’s this year. I haven’t been to City’s. And I feel like, my team right now, we’re the underdogs. We’re going hard in practice,” Tyson explained.