Posted On: 06/16/17 6:19 AM

Gahanna Lincoln’s 6’7” forward Mike Reeves (2018) made quite an impression on us during All Ohio Black’s upset victory over Spiece Indy Heat 2018 at the Run n Slam. On a court against plenty of Division I talent, Reeves looked the part physically. So, when he told us that he hasn’t experienced any recruitment, it was surprising.

“None as of right now,” Reeves said, when asked about the recruitment. He continued, “It really just motivates me to work harder when I’m playing. Everybody else, they usually have someone looking at them right now. And with me not, that means I have to work a little harder than everyone else.”

Reeves should benefit from being a featured member of an All Ohio Black team who has been playing well. He’s also hoping to make a name for himself at a few camps before the summer concludes too.

“I’m going to, I think, four camps this summer. I don’t know what they’re called. Just camps that my coaches have given me letters and then my dad has also gotten into contact with some coaches to go to camps,” Reeves said.

Reeves has a lot of interest that transcend the court also. He plans to use his wide range of talents by owning a business in the future. All of this will affect his college decision, along with some strict basketball factors.

“The coaching staff. The players that are there. And then also, what I can do educational wise, not just basketball … I want to major in business, I want to have my own business one day. I’m very artistic and I can do multiple things. I can make clothes and things like that,” Reeves told us.

Reeves earned a 19 on the ACT during his first attempt. He also carries a 3.0 GPA.

While some scouts, including ourselves, may have studied Reeves more closely with All Ohio Black, he plays a rather different role with Gahanna Lincoln.

“With Gahanna, they have me playing more of a post player. So, I’d get more points off of like post feeds and setting screens and rolling. As opposed to AAU, I can get set shots off of drive-and-kick,” Reeves said.

He later told us that he’s confident knocking down mid-range attempts off the catch. Reeves gets most of those attempts by finding soft spots in the defense as others have the ball. In general, Reeves prides himself on working off the other nine players on the court, as he has a nice understanding of team concepts in basketball.

His IQ and team-oriented nature packaged alongside a strong 6’7” frame is a combination that will eventually interest colleges. If Reeves continues to excel in his role over the next year, it would be shocking if he doesn’t wind up on a college basketball roster down the line.