Player Spotlight: Wy’kise Allen (2020)

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 06/29/17 11:30 PM

Height: 6’2

School: South Granville

AAU: NC Cavs

Class: 2020

Over the years South Granville HS has produced some very talented players, guard Kris Monroe started his high school career off at South Granville and sharp shooting guard Cam Ferguson who just finished up a successful freshman year at Peace University is a SGHS alumni as well. Just recently we saw another youngster who is next in line to come out of South Granville HS and that’s guard Wy’kise Allen. We got a chance to get a very close look at this young man during the Westover HS jamboree and we were very impressed with his performance throughout.

What makes him special?

                Maturity was one of the first things that I noticed about this young man, he keeps his cool regardless of the pressure and seems to play even better when the moments of the game tense. He faced numerous defenders and tight pressure throughout the jamboree but didn’t turn the ball over much at all. He has a nice ability to score the ball, he can get to the basket and inside the paint at a very high rate using his strength. Another attribute that I really liked about his game was his passing, although he has some flair to his game, the majority of the time he made fundamentally sound plays that included strong two handed passes around the perimeter and into the post. He’s still young so of course he makes the occasional errors but the potential in his game is clearly evident, once his body transitions some more he will be an even more difficult player to try and defend. Colleges should go ahead and put him on their watch list for 2020, he has D1 potential, it just will all depend on how hard he works.

Quote from his coach SGHS Coach Wohlfeil ‘‘Wy’kise Allen is a talented young man and although he has some things to work on, he’s got a chance to be a very good player.’’