Player Spotlight: Eli Cupples (2018)

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 06/4/17 2:16 PM

Yesterday I got the opportunity to stop in to Saint Andrews University for their workout which featured a nice amount of talented youngsters from 2017 all the way to JUCO sophomores. Once of the players that was in attendance was Hickory Ridge Guard Eli Cupples who is one that colleges should keep an eye on over the next year. He has a nice IQ for the game, can knock down shots from deep, and doesn’t try to do more than he’s capable of doing. We got the chance to talk after the workout about his experience throughout the day and what he’s looking forward to, this upcoming summer.

Q: How’s the experience at today’s workout been for you?

Eli: It was fun, nice meeting some of the guys and getting to play with new people. Meeting the coaches and everything, it was just a fun experience overall.

Q: How did the HS season go for you?

Eli: It was good we made a deep run into the state playoffs, we had a couple players go on to play college basketball at the Division 2 level which is always good to see. We had a lot of fun and I’m going to miss playing with those guys.

Q: How’s the AAU season been for you this spring?

Eli: Charlotte’s Finest, located right in Charlotte, we have played in different tournaments up and down the east coast. It’s been a fun experience, we got a new team and a bunch of new players from around the Charlotte area and we were able to win a championship early on.

Q: What do you feel you bring to the teams you play?

Eli: I’m there to help guys out and pick them up when their down, talking to my teammates and letting them know if they make a mistake to move on to the next play. Good shooting, good playmaking and always playing solid defense.