NTBA Summer Jam Tourney Standouts: C/O 2021 Part 2

North Carolina

Posted On: 06/16/17 8:47 AM

Fayetteville Stars Guard Darrius Jewel: Although he is smaller in stature he is an outstanding ball handler that knows how to get his team into their offensive sets. Doesn’t turn the ball over much and is a very unselfish player, there was countless times that he turned down his own offense to feed the hot man on team.

Fayetteville Stars Zaire Parker: Zaire was the biggest player on the floor without a doubt in height and weight, he has raw talent at this point but at his young age his size catches your eye almost instantly.  One of his most impressive attributes is his toughness, you can tell he spends a nice amount of time on the football field as well as the court.

Nothing Easy Wing D.J Smith: Even at an early age you can see how much of a chance he has to be special, he still has what we call ‘‘baby weight’’ at this point but it doesn’t hold him back from being special on the court. He has a natural feel for the game and makes plays for himself as well as his teammates, has a nice midrange game and ability to finish at the rim.

Fayetteville Bulldogs Guard E.J McArthur: Has an old school flavor about his game, he excels in both transition and in half court situations. It’s always impressive to see a youngster that’s in the 8th grade that has a certain maturity about his game and that’s exactly the case for EJ.

Fayetteville Bulldogs Guard Kalen Keys: He’s currently enrolled at the well-known Trinity Christian, and there has been rumblings that he has a chance to be next up in special guards. Kalen is what we call a downhill guard, he forces defenders to try and stop him by using his speed, acceleration and change of direction. He has a natural gift to score the ball, and is one to watch closely over the next few years as he continues to develop.